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From our huge library of pre-tested, experiential training materials:

Two versions of one of our short training activities – one for face-to-face delivery and the other for remote delivery (sometimes called virtual delivery). Alien Invasion is a great icebreaker that can be used to explore body language, unconscious bias, assumptions and trust in the workplace.

Course Modules
Two different modules that include engaging training exercises and pragmatic learning that can be applied in the workplace. One for face-to-face delivery that is part of a series of four on Employee Engagement and one for remote delivery that is the first in a series that looks at Difficult Conversations, how to plan for them and how to make them effective.

The opportunity to review a complete e-learning module on Equal Opportunities. Introducing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion introduces learners to these terms and enables them to understand what they mean and why they are important.

Team Building Game Preview
An extract from one our most acclaimed teambuilding games, ‘Island of Opportunity’. This engaging training game tests a whole range of behaviours and skills including the ability to influence, negotiate, communicate, gather information and build trust.

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