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Engaging in reflection on considerations to be made before delivery is a highly beneficial activity for learners to enhance their current practice.
Cecile De Felice rated this item with 5 stars.

I recently conducted a one-day training course as part of a broader program for a group of ten new managers and supervisors in our hotel, and I must say, the experience was great. The program proved to be a valuable asset in shaping our team members' journey into the realm of hospitality management.

The facilitator guide provided an invaluable roadmap, ensuring a seamless delivery of the course. It not only kept me on track but also enhanced my ability to guide the participants through the various aspects of the training. The team's enthusiasm was palpable, and the engaging nature of the exercises played a significant role in keeping everyone fully immersed throughout the entire duration.

One of the standout features of the program was the creativity and fun infused into the exercises. Not only were they educational, but they also managed to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere among the participants. This approach undoubtedly contributed to a more effective learning experience, making the transition into management roles smoother for our team members.

The feedback received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that this program is a great fit for developing the skills and knowledge essential for success in the hospitality industry. Encouraged by the success of the initial rollout, I am now considering extending this program to other managers within our hotel.

This training program is a fantastic start to the journey of team members aspiring to join the management ranks in the hospitality sector. Its engaging content, effective facilitator guide, and creative exercises make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to equip their team with the skills necessary for success in the dynamic world of hotel management. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to seeing its positive impact on the broader management team at our hotel.

Mark Murdoch rated this item with 5 stars.

I must admit I had some nervousness before first including 'His Lordship's Garden Party' in a team-building event; but happily I need not have been concerned. There is a lot of preparation, plus quite a bit of shopping to do (bow ties, playing cards, toy dinosaurs etc); however, the reason that this exercise works so well is that so much is going on at any one time, with team members not knowing what each other are up to. This will work well with groups of mixed levels of seniority and with a diverse mix of personalities. The main ingredients for making this a success are; plenty of planning and a good knowledge of the materials by the trainer; plus ample break-out rooms. It would equally appropriate for newly formed teams, as well as for more established teams that are working on achieving greater levels of collaboration.
Paula Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

This is an excellent exercise, that brings out the need for different parts of the business to work together collaboratively. Co-operating isn’t enough to be completely successful in this exercise – they need to fully collaborate and problem solve as well.

I use it as a first exercise on any kind of collaboration course, stakeholder management training or team building event. When I use the activity, I change the name to the Department Parts Exercise. I’m also very careful to never call the exercise a game. Instead, I set up the exercise by explaining that I am a senior director that manages 6 small departments. They will be representing one of those departments. I have a goal for each department and I hope that as many as possible of my team complete their goal.

I think it is important to stress the above, and I have changed the Team Brief to reflect this, as the original talks about games and playing. The exercise leads to individual competitive behaviour, as if they were playing a board game. The more it is set up as a game, the delegates can resist the learning, saying that they behaved like they did, as it was a game and they wouldn’t act like that at work.

By stressing that they all work for their real organisation, representing different departments and that you want as many of them as possible to achieve their goal – reduces any resistance.

After each round, I pause the exercise and ask them to analyse their behaviour and what they are doing. Even with stressing in the setup, that this is a real work exercise – many go into I want to win and make you lose mode.

Through the reviews, at the end of each round, the group go from competing with little communication, to co-operating with lots. Once they are here, you can take them up a level to collaborative problem solving, to ensure every department achieves their goal.

With the tweak, of moving from a game to an exercise, this is a 5 star exercise and I highly recommend it.

Andrew Kitton rated this item with 5 stars.

I have used this training module a few times and I think the video really gets people interested and thinking. The video has a great storyline and the questions to use after watching the video create a great discussion. It was fascinating to watch participant recall where they had seen behaviour like this in the film.
Nicola Richardson rated this item with 5 stars.

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