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I've used this exercise for internal (same org) groups and mixed org and variable experience groups too.

It relies on the groups to have clear views and constructive discussion, which in some cases need nurturing and encouragement, however it does create a clear structure for the trainer to use as discussion points and lead anyone struggling.

It is particularly useful for reviewing cultural norms and expectations and for exploring the difficulty of the 'grey areas' which in some cases have led to heated (and valuable!) discussions around acceptable behaviours. it's often easier to spot the negative than the positive - and is helpful for learning from others' good techniques.

Helen Ettridge rated this item with 4 stars.

Murder at Glasstap Grange is a firm favourite for team building, each time brings a new perspective as groups are different. It's great to help revitalise long standing teams as well as integrate different teams and engage new members - would highly recommend.
Leonie Palmer rated this item with 5 stars.

I ran this session today and it took longer than I expected as people really got into what were difficult behaviours and how to deal with them. It was interesting to see how people perceived behaviours and it creates a great talking piece
Nicola Richardson rated this item with 5 stars.

I have been coaching a member of staff recently who is struggling to get to their goal. Part of this is that they struggle with thinking positively and can't see the big picture. Part of the coaching is trying to get her to look at the goal in a step-by-step process and celebrate the little wins along the way. This exercise has really helped her see that she has many wins throughout each day, no matter how small, and that in breaking down her goal into steps, she can celebrate the wins along the way. The handouts really helped.
Tracy Windross rated this item with 5 stars.

I recently ran this activity for the first time and it received great feedback. I would recommend reading the instructions carefully and laminating the cards beforehand so that they can be used again.
It's a short, simple activity, however when used as an icebreaker it got colleagues interacting straight away and working as a team.

Mike Darbyshire rated this item with 5 stars.

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