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Discovery Days

Discovery Days

Our Discovery Days give you a fantastic opportunity to network with other professional trainers, share ideas, develop your own skills and knowledge, and experience some of the newest training materials in Trainers’ Library.

Tickets cost just £95 (£75.00 for Trainers' Library members). Includes lunch!

What to Expect:

Our Discovery Days are a friendly, informal gathering where you can:
  • Gain new insights and knowledge.
  • Learn new techniques that will help you when designing or delivering training.
  • Keep up to date with new activities in Trainers’ Library.
  • Brainstorm ideas with other Learning and Development professionals.
  • Share your ideas and help others develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Gain support, feedback and inspiration from other professionals in the Learning and Development industry.
(Our broad customer base includes self-employed trainers, training companies, L&D managers, internal coaches and a whole host of other L&D professionals, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to share and learn from a supportive peer group.)

Next Events:

Date: 8 Mar 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm etc.venues Bonhill House, London
Sessions:Hosted By:
Engaging Learners in Equal Opportunities Training  info

Engaging Learners in Equal Opportunities Training

It can be difficult to build engagement in Equal Opportunities training, particularly if people don’t believe the training applies to them, or can’t see the value of it. Rod will demonstrate why this matters and give you some great ideas for making equal opportunities training engaging, powerful and memorable!

Rod Webb
Building a Coaching Culture  info

Building a Coaching Culture

In this session, Graham and Emma, will share with the group the value of building a coaching culture and their lessons in building a coaching culture in a complex organisation. The session will look at how they have gone about this, the lessons learnt and of course lots of practical activities that they have used in the 18 month project.

Emma Wynne and Graham Ravenscroft
Creating Compelling Stories  info

Creating Compelling Stories

All leaders and presenters want to connect and engage with their followers and audience. One of the key ways of doing this is through telling stories. A leader or presenter who can get their point across in the form of a story, connects and engages on a much deeper level than by giving facts and figures alone. Better still, storytellers can subconsciously influence those around them in a positive way. Stories tap into our deepest emotions, which helps us retain the key message at the story's heart. You probably know all of this - but how do we go about telling stories if we are not naturally creative?

In this short session I will share with you:
*A simple step by step thought process to help you identify a personal experience that you can use and turn into a story.
*A structure for your story that delivers your key message in a compelling fashion.

By following these two elements, you will be able to create personal stories that deliver your key messages.

Andrew Kitton
How to Feel More Confident in Any Situation  info

How to Feel More Confident in Any Situation

When we're struggling to find the confidence to do something, we don't take risks. We play it safe. We avoid looking stupid. And when we have no choice but to face it, it can give us away by our behaviour, our body language, our voice or what we say.

The good news is that confidence really can be learned and built on.

In this short session, we will look at how to develop that feeling of confidence in situations where it escapes you. We'll look at why you are lacking confidence and how to address it. We'll also work through some simple techniques to help you take those bold steps forward and find your confident self.

Debbie Yarwood
Date: 14 Jun 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm Warwick Conferences, Coventry
Sessions:Hosted By:
TBC  info


Rod Webb
TBC  info


Ann Pemberton

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