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Discovery Days

Discovery Days

Our Discovery Days give you a fantastic opportunity to network with other professional trainers, share ideas, develop your own skills and knowledge, and experience some of the newest training materials in Trainers’ Library.

Tickets cost just £95.00 (£75.00 for Trainers' Library members). Includes lunch!

What to Expect:

Our Discovery Days are a friendly, informal gathering where you can:
  • Gain new insights and knowledge.
  • Learn new techniques that will help you when designing or delivering training.
  • Keep up to date with new activities in Trainers’ Library.
  • Brainstorm ideas with other Learning and Development professionals.
  • Share your ideas and help others develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Gain support, feedback and inspiration from other professionals in the Learning and Development industry.
(Our broad customer base includes self-employed trainers, training companies, L&D managers, internal coaches and a whole host of other L&D professionals, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to share and learn from a supportive peer group.)

Next Events:

Date: 14 Jun 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm Warwick University, Coventry
Sessions:Hosted By:
Strengthening Your Personal Resilience  info

Strengthening Your Personal Resilience

How to Develop your Super Powers to Tackle Challenging Events and Behaviours

This session is designed to help you to identify your current levels of resilience and the areas you need to develop in order to enhance your resilience and promote psychological wellbeing.

The session will include:
* What is resilience and why do we need it?
* Measuring your current levels of resilience.
* The 9 box model of personal resilience.
* Developing your super powers to increase your own resilience.

Ann Pemberton
Navigating Change  info

Navigating Change

Navigating Change is aimed at supporting individuals who might feel a lack of authenticity in their day to day roles, experiencing fatigue or a lack of trust in their judgement. Navigating Change is a three-step process which focuses on your natural skills, talents and abilities for developing resilience.

This session aims to share tools and techniques that support individuals find balance and start to master their environment.

This session will:
* Explain the overall framework for Navigating Change – Mastery, Focus and Passion.
* Discuss the challenges faced in the current everyday environment.
* Explain a necessary continuous improvement process.

Vivienne Bannigan
It’s Elemental! An Introduction to TetraMap  info

It’s Elemental! An Introduction to TetraMap

TetraMap® is a simple but powerful tool which helps individuals, teams and organisations to be more effective by transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, make decisions, solve problems, and plan projects or strategies.
TetraMap provides a framework for looking at ourselves, our colleagues, our workplaces and the world around us in order to understand ourselves and others better, to communicate and collaborate more effectively, to harness and make the most of the diversity within teams or organisations, and to be more sustainable and holistic in our activities.
In this workshop you'll discover how TetraMap uses metaphors from nature to enable people to understand themselves and others better, how it can be used to look at situations and challenges from different perspectives, and how to make the most of the diversity with a team or organisation. You’ll also get the opportunity to try it out as a tool for collaborative problem-solving by working together on a real-life challenge or problem.
If you’d like to try a free 2-minute TetraMap taster click here.
“TetraMap brings the ancient wisdom of the elements into a powerful framework for personal and organisational development. It is a way to harness the power of our natural abilities, build on strengths and enable everyone in the team to reach their potential. Using the four elements as a way to understand myself and the organisation has deepened my understanding of good leadership and given me a powerful tool for the future.” Angie Burke, Trust Manager, The Resurgence Trust
® TetraMap is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

Nicki Davey
Remote Teams  info

Remote Teams

The final session of the day will be an opportunity to experience, as a learner, one of Trainers’ Library’s fast and fun team building games. Participants will be able to relate the behaviours they observe in this session to the TetraMap model introduced by Nicki Davey. The session will also demonstrate some of the unique challenges experienced when working with multiple teams that need to collaborate in order to succeed. You’ll experience how important effective leadership, communication and planning are to success and the pitfalls that can prevent teams achieving their full potential together. Some personal and team resilience will be of benefit!

Rod Webb
Reserve/Book your Place (3 places available)
Date: 27 Sep 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire
Sessions:Hosted By:
TBC  info


Rod Webb
TBC  info


Maria McGrath
Mental Health First Aid  info

Mental Health First Aid

To follow.

Siobhan Ogden
Reserve/Book your Place (12 places available)
Date: 1 Nov 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm etc.venues Bonhill House, London
Sessions:Hosted By:
TBC  info


Rod Webb
Reserve/Book your Place (16 places available)

Customer Reviews:
"I think it was an incredible idea to organise this. I’ve learnt a lot from all the sessions."

"Loved the day! Exercises used are so useful!"

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