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Discovery Days

Discovery Days

Our Discovery Days give you a fantastic opportunity to network with other professional trainers, share ideas, develop your own skills and knowledge, and experience some of the newest training materials in Trainers’ Library.

Tickets cost just £95.00 (£75.00 for Trainers' Library members). Includes lunch!

Prices for this event are going up on the 1st October. Book before then to get the best possible deal.

What to Expect:

Our Discovery Days are a friendly, informal gathering where you can:
  • Gain new insights and knowledge.
  • Learn new techniques that will help you when designing or delivering training.
  • Keep up to date with new activities in Trainers’ Library.
  • Brainstorm ideas with other Learning and Development professionals.
  • Share your ideas and help others develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Gain support, feedback and inspiration from other professionals in the Learning and Development industry.
(Our broad customer base includes self-employed trainers, training companies, L&D managers, internal coaches and a whole host of other L&D professionals, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to share and learn from a supportive peer group.)

Next Events:

Date: 27 Sep 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire
Sessions:Hosted By:
High Performance  info

High Performance

Working to create and lead high performing teams can be tough, but maintaining that performance can be even harder! So recognising where individuals are throughout their development in the team and the key elements that need to be ever present are essential ingredients to achieve and maintain high performance and a happy energetic team!

In this session, Petra will be sharing her formula for leading high performing teams to consistently exceed targets by reinforcing the habits and behaviours required to ignite and drive teams to work in harmony and happiness and maintain results.

Petra O'Hara
Understanding Autism - How to Make Training More Accessible  info

Understanding Autism - How to Make Training More Accessible

As workplaces become more accessible to those with additional needs, it is crucial that L&D professionals are well prepared to create an accessible learning environment for all.

This interactive session will focus on one of the more prevalent hidden disabilities; autism.

Joe will give participants an overview of what it is like to live in a world as an autistic person and explore the areas of difference between neurotypical and autistic individuals. Activities will be used to reinforce participants' understanding to enable them to make their training more inclusive.

Joe Booker
Mental Health First Aid  info

Mental Health First Aid

Mental health and mental health illnesses remains a largely taboo subject and still carries stigma and discrimination, particularly in the workplace. Much of this is to do with it being largely unknown and misunderstood and this session looks at highlighting exactly what mental health and mental health illness are. Bust some common myths and look at how to effectively manage mental ill health in the workplace to everyone’s advantage, particularly from an L&D viewpoint.

Mental Health First Aid is a relatively new concept in the UK and Mental Health First Aiders are currently recommended by the HSE but not yet a legal requirement. A bill to make mental health first aiders a legal requirement in the workplace has passed its first reading in the House of Commons and it is widely felt that it will become law in the same way as physical health first aiders are required in the workplace in the next couple of years. What does this mean for employers and employees? How will this particularly affect L&D and L&D professionals? Come along to hear more about mental health and mental health first aid in the workplace today and how you can be aware and ready for change in your organisation, your profession and your industry.

Siobhan Ogden
Behaviour Matters  info

Behaviour Matters

Training can only be effective if trainers understand the challenge they are trying to address and the behaviours that need to be developed in order to equip people to meet that challenge.

In this session, Rod and Frances will showcase a new Train the Trainer training module, which will show how the value of experiential learning can only be realised if we ensure it is relevant. A chance to preview and experience a new module you can use to train trainers, but also a great opportunity for all of us to reflect upon the training design and delivery process!

Rod Webb and Frances Ferguson
Reserve/Book your Place (8 places available)
Date: 1 Nov 2019  
10.00am - 4.00pm etc.venues Bonhill House, London
Sessions:Hosted By:
TBC  info


Rod Webb
Building Trust  info

Building Trust

Trust takes time to gain, seconds to lose, and forever to build it back up. The level of trust everyone holds within an organisation with colleagues, their manager and the leaders determines how well they work together and how productive the organisation is. One of the primary factors affecting employee turnover is whether or not there is a trusting relationship between manager and employee.

To drive High Performance, we must look at how much trust is built within the relationships across the whole organisation. While almost all employers consider trust in the workplace to be of significant importance, many are unaware of the actions that build or erode trust.

In this session, Ric will be sharing his formula for Building Trust; the LearningCog four C’s of building trust. The session will introduce you to the four C’s and look at how you can use this across Leadership, Management and Team Development.

Ric Hayden
Managing Stress in the Workplace  info

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Whether you are a line manager responsible for the wellness of your team, an HR Manager trying to deal with stress related issues or a Learning & Development specialist looking to educate in this area; this short taster workshop will provide you with some food for thought and ideas.

For many years now stress and mental health have been the highest causes of workplace absence, yet still so many are unsure of how to help. This session works on the basis that prevention is better than cure, and focuses on the causes of stress and how they can be at least minimised if not eliminated from the workplace.

Emma Wynne
Session 4 - TBC  info

Session 4 - TBC

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Date: 24 Jan 2020  
10.00am - 4.00pm etc.venues Bonhill House, London
Sessions:Hosted By:
TBC  info


To follow.

Rod Webb
Session 2  info

Session 2

Session 3  info

Session 3

Session 4  info

Session 4

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Customer Reviews:
"I think it was an incredible idea to organise this. I’ve learnt a lot from all the sessions."

"Loved the day! Exercises used are so useful!"

"Great day. Lovely atmosphere and a fabulous networking opportunity."

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