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Socially Responsible

For us being socially responsible means doing our bit for our local communities as well as our global community. We may be a small company, but we’re a small company with a big heart.

Aiming to be Carbon Negative:
We work hard to limit our impact on the environment. For example:
  • Enabling and supporting remote working means that the longest daily commute within our team is a 6-mile round trip to our office in Cumbria.
  • All of our Alston office’s electricity comes from renewable sources and has done since 2007.
  • We’ve been only using recycled paper and packaging since 2008.
And recognised the impact we still have:
  • We offset our remaining carbon footprint. Since 2019, this has been achieved by supporting the work of C02 Balance.

From 2022, we’re going further:
  • We are planting one tree for every new member who joins Trainers’ Library®, supporting the work of Trees for Life.
Local Communities:
For the last four years, we’ve been collecting donations for the local food bank at our Alston office in the run up to Christmas.

Giving Back:
We’ve committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to a nominated charity. Previous beneficiaries are the Seashell Trust and Autism Unlimited. In 2023, we're supporting the Access Project, which works to help talented young students from disadvantaged backgrounds access top universities through tutoring and in-school mentoring.