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Get Ready for Your Workshops and Courses with Our Expert Range of Training Materials

Want more ideas and materials for your next workshop? If you're a learning and development professional, business educator and/or trainer, you'll find plenty of inspiration along with everything you need to create engaging, powerful training right here in Trainers' Library.

Why not start now, with tried-and-tested activities and content that you can slot straight into your next course.

Want to deliver experiential, engaging, fun but relevant training?

But don't want to spend weeks developing each new training intervention?

Trainer's Library could be for you.

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3 Ways Trainers' Library Can Help You

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1: Develop interactive training sessions.

Whilst PowerPoint has its place (for example, in reinforcing key learning points) a multitude of slides can mean a dull experience for the learner that creates a block to learning. Our huge variety of exercises and activities make learning more enjoyable, memorable and inspiring, and enable you to create learner-led learning experiences.

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2: Enable the learners to become the best version of themselves.

Innovative activities and discussions encourage participants to share their own ideas and discover something about themselves in the process. And at the same time learning from everyone else in the room.

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3: Deliver long-lasting change.

Training is not just about sharing knowledge. We want people to be inspired to go back to their workplaces and initiate real change. For this to happen, we need them to be emotionally engaged and to have an emotional reaction to the learning. That's why we’ve developed our materials using our innovative Retention, Inspiration, Action model.

Deliver Results for Your Client's Quickly

As a corporate or self-employed trainer, you know how important it is to be able to respond to your client's needs quickly and deliver training sessions that have a lasting effect and produce real change. Trainers' Library is here to help you every step of the way. With our vast library of content for courses, workshops and online training, we'll help you cut the time it takes to develop new training interventions by 80% or more. And, at the same time, enable you to deliver training that promotes organisational success.
Corporate or self-employed trainer

Corporate or self-employed trainer

Training content for all your behavioural training needs.
It doesn't matter whether you call them soft skills, people skills or simply behaviours, our huge library of subject-specific content will help you develop training that enables people to achieve great results in the modern workplace. Browse our content by topic or using our search engine to find materials on anything from assertiveness skills to communication and negotiation skills, from leadership development to wellbeing, from equal opportunities and diversity to conflict management, from employee engagement to performance management. And much, much more.

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Variety Matters

Our training materials incorporate an enormous variety of approaches and techniques that mean your learners will never suffer from that deathblow to learning – boredom. There are case studies, business simulations, quiz-based board games, innovative icebreakers and energisers, self-evaluation tools, team building games, role plays, articles, problem solving games, story-based activities, scenarios, and many more modules that we can’t even categorise.

Not only does this ensure your workshops and courses will have variety as well as excite and engage learners, it also means you can ensure that training is accessible to all learners, whatever their unique set of circumstances or learning preference.

Use our training materials to make your next training session your best yet.

Face-to-Face, Virtual/Remote, Online? It's All Here

Face to Face Training
Face to Face Training

Check out our range of f2f course modules, covering over 35 topics.

Remote Delivery Training
Remote Delivery

Delivering remote, virtual or hybrid sessions? We have you covered.

Online Training

We've even got loads of content for self-directed online learning. And Enterprise members can download our e-learning and video content and host it on their own LMS.

Tools and Resources that Add Value to Membership

There's so much more to membership than simply a library of materials. If you're a Pro or Enterprise customer, for example, you can download our trainer’s notes in Word and use them as a template, making the training truly your own.

training resources

Course builder helps you quickly plan your training course or workshop, creating an agenda tailored to the exact needs of your learners, which you can share with the other Trainers' Library members in your team.

And there's a whole host of other tools to help your CPD and maximise your time, including Talk and Share (our forum for professional trainers), Design Coach, and a whole host of other add-on resources.

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Explore our Vast Range of Training Materials, Resources and Complete Courses!

Whether you're facilitating a workshop or seeking inspiration for your next training session, our collection equips you with the resources you need to unlock potential and achieve collective success. Explore our range of training materials or contact us to find out how Trainers' Library can help your organisation.

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