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Latest Posts
Hi Everyone (New here) Has anyone got a good exercise for a Benchmarking course? I am considering a tried and tested marshmallow challenge but in 3 phases, i.e. first attempted, research & benchmarking phase then 2nd attempt with hopefully some imp....

Posted by Warren Cass on 26/02/2024

3  responses

Hi All; I wonder if anyone has experience with my issue. I have worked as an associate trainer for a training company and met with the end user, and designed a course to meet their needs, I then delivered the course. I am now leaving the training com....

Posted by Steve Wood on 14/02/2024

6  responses

Hi I am building training modules for a business that is looking to upskill its new manager pool. They have asked for me to look at this area and I was wondering if anyone knew of any modules that could support this? specifically they are looking....

Posted by Sue Lappin on 07/02/2024

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Hi All, we are revisiting our induction programme and one key aspect is embedding understanding and adoption of our values and behaviours. I was wondering what others had used successfully with new starters and also with current employees where this ....

Posted by Leonie Palmer on 25/01/2024

4  responses

Hi all, I am looking to include a short (1-2 min) movie clip demonstrating what happens if you dont set effective objectives or goals. Ideally Im looking for something that shows the fall out if people dont know what they are being measured again....

Posted by Steph Kersey-Lane on 20/12/2023

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