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I would be grateful if anyone has any materials and or activities they use for demonstrating empathy. If you are willing to share my email address is Many thanks in advance ....

Posted by Anjana Rajani on 14/11/2019

3  responses

Hi all, I am searching for a coach for a new manager who is performing well technically but requires some focused support around a couple of behavioural/communication/relationship management issues. Whilst a new manager, they have worked with us for ....

Posted by Hannah Kirby-Suttie on 07/11/2019

4  responses

Hello all! I am looking to design supervisors upskilling program (6-8 months) and looking for activities we can do outside of work to educate them on different topics such as team work, time management and etc. I was thinking of activities such as e....

Posted by Aliona Andrejeva on 28/10/2019

2  responses

Hi everyone, I'm looking for an icebreaker or energiser exercise for a group of 6 (newish!) Mentors. We have had our initial mentoring workshop and this second one is to bring them together to examine, discuss and share experiences of mentoring s....

Posted by Rebecca Booker on 17/10/2019

2  responses

Hello, I need a good customer service video in European Spanish to use with my students but I can't find anything at all. I would like something similar to the "Why Do I Always Get Them?". At least something in English with subtitles would do. Anybod....

Posted by Marta Sarria on 09/10/2019

0  responses

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