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Latest Posts
Hi All We have been asked to create and deliver training on ethics and bribery awareness. It is for a company with no issues in this area, but want to be able to show they train in this area for audit purposes. The teams being trained would be sal....

Posted by Emma Wynne on 11/05/2022

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Hi everyone, I'm shortly embarking on an exercise for our business based on the 9 box model, to identify those that need to be developed for more senior roles amongst other things. Has anyone got any experience of working with it? If so, I'd be ....

Posted by Rebecca Booker on 09/05/2022

6  responses

Hi all. I currently use a role play exercise for a group to do as the final activity in my negotiation know-how course, however this 'Road through the Business Park' role play required at least 9 people for this activity to work. I am finding that ....

Posted by Tracy Windross on 28/04/2022

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Hi Everyone, One of our ex members has been in touch as she's having a sort out and found badges she made for the Dominoes icebreaker: If anyone is interested in hav....

Posted by Rod Webb on 26/04/2022

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I have been tasked with designing an interactive 105 minute session for a collection of Line Managers, Business Analysts & Project Managers. My key stakeholder wants to build the group's confidence raising issues/offering challenges without it becomi....

Posted by Adam Wilson on 08/04/2022

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