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Latest Posts
Hi does anyone have any activities or thoughts on how to get managers to start thinking about succession planning in their teams?....

Posted by Anjana Rajani on 20/02/2017

3  responses

Does anyone have a short film clip they are willing to share, of how someone who is very negative walks into a positively energised room and manages with their negative actions and words to change the positive attitude into negativity without them ev....

Posted by Tina Pattle on 17/02/2017

4  responses

Hi everyone, Does anyone know of any free career management tools that employees could be signposted to? I've been looking around, but can't find much. Any pointers are highly appreciated. I am looking for online tools which we could feature on....

Posted by Conny Eder on 13/02/2017

9  responses

Hi Does anyone have any training material on Appraisal training and also any guidelines that go with the appraisal scheme that I can edit to fit the forms I have put together. Many Thanks in advance.....

Posted by Anjana Rajani on 13/02/2017

2  responses

Does any one have any template of an employee engagement survey they would be willing to share. I need to create one for a client and wanted to be able to crib from one that is already been created. Many Thanks in advance....

Posted by Anjana Rajani on 30/01/2017

3  responses

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