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Blogs are a great way to share ideas, thoughts and to engage with other trainers. And, for self-employed trainers and training consultants, they’re a great way to network and market your services.

Any member can post blogs to this area, and when you post a blog your name will link to your public profile allowing other members to find out more about you.

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Equality Matters
All too often, the news reports are about situations where something bad has happened, so it is lovely when a genuinely heart-warming tale goes viral that reminds us all of the capacity we all have to make a positive difference to others, especially when they really need it.

One such tale brought a tea....
March 15 2018 Frances Ferguson
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Rod's Blog

Tuesday Insight: Constructive Feedback Trumps Cheap Shots
In a week when I’m writing about feedback, it’s perhaps ironic that President Trump is in the news again for his unusual method of firing staff. This time it was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who apparently discovered he’d lost his job when Mr Trump announced his replacement on Twitter. If what we’ve read since his inaugurati....
March 20 2018 Rod Webb
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