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Blogs are a great way to share ideas, thoughts and to engage with other trainers. And, for self-employed trainers and training consultants, they’re a great way to network and market your services.

Any member can post blogs to this area, and when you post a blog your name will link to your public profile allowing other members to find out more about you.

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Negotiating Attitudes
A few weeks ago, my brother bought a second-hand hybrid car from a local dealer. He was very pleased with it. The only problem was, as he discovered a few days after buying it, the battery system that makes it a hybrid didn’t work.

As the problem came to light within 30 d....
October 9 2018 Frances Ferguson
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Rod's Blog

Tuesday Insight - Retention, INSPIRATION, Action
In my last blog, I explored Retention and the need, first and foremost for learners to remember the training you give them. This week, I want to explain the importance of Inspiration.

We’ve probably all been on courses where the trainer, having perhaps noticed a ....
November 6 2018 Rod Webb
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