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Blogs are a great way to share ideas, thoughts and to engage with other trainers. And, for self-employed trainers and training consultants, they’re a great way to network and market your services.

Any member can post blogs to this area, and when you post a blog your name will link to your public profile allowing other members to find out more about you.

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Remote Working - Sharing Our Insight
As you might imagine, the customers who are getting in touch with us at the moment are focused on how we can help them to carry on delivering training remotely.

Which is why the team here have been working so hard on enabling you to do just that. (include link to the Remote Delivery section and a link to ML using the search term Remote Delivery)

March 26 2020 Frances Ferguson
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Rod's Blog

Tuesday Insight: Preparing for Challenges
So, the UK is entering another period of lockdown. My heart goes out to all sorts of people, including those who have been so excited about getting back to face-to-face training. I understand how disappointing this will be for you.

This has certainly been a year of unparalleled challenges, professionally and personally. I’m writing this week’s Insight surrounded by bo....
November 4 2020 Rod Webb
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