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How do I help people...?

improve employee engagement?

There is no doubt that organisations in which employees feel engaged are happier, more successful places in which to work. But what is employee engagement and how do you achieve it? 

In a nutshell, employee engagement is when an organisation values their employees and the work that they do, and the employees value the organisation and what it does.

It sounds simple. But employee engagement requires managers to have, and value, a particular set of skills. Luckily, Trainers' Library has some great training materials that will help managers recognise the importance of employee engagement and develop the skills to make it a reality. 

Here are a few examples:


Course Modules:

Case Study:

Complete Course:
There's even a suggested complete course on this topic, created by mixing and matching modules from Trainers' Library:

(Available to those with a Full, Consultant or Pro membership package.)

This is just some of the training material available to members on this topic. Members can get more suggestions and advice on how to tailor our materials to specific learning objectives by using Design Coach.

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