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How do I help people...?

improve their negotiation skills?

Negotiation too often involves people entrenching themselves in positions and trying very hard not to move. Words synonymous with negotiation tend to include, 'winning', 'brinkmanship', 'holding your ground', 'competition' and 'belligerence'. 

Too often this approach leads to missed opportunities - win-win solutions that might have been discovered if each party had taken the opportunity to build a clear understanding of the other's needs, concerns and priorities. 

Trainers' Library includes a range of powerful, engaging training materials that illustrate the limitations of more 'traditional' negotiation techniques and the effectiveness of relationship building in negotiations. 

Here's a small selection:


Course Modules:

Team Building Game:

Review Activity:

Complete Course:
There's even a suggested complete course on this topic, created by mixing and matching modules from Trainers' Library:

(Available to both Trainers' Library members and non-members.)

This is just some of the training material available to members on this topic. Members can get more suggestions and advice on how to tailor our materials to specific learning objectives by using Design Coach.

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