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How do I help people...?

work more effectively in teams?

A team where everyone works effectively together towards a common goal is much more likely to succeed than one in which individuals undermine one another, don't communicate effectively, or simply work in individual 'silos'. But what can you do to help teams recognise where they are now, and the changes they can make to improve teamwork?

Trainers' Library has a huge range of materials that will help, including plenty of team building games. Here are a few of our favourites:


Course Modules:

Team Building Game:

Review Activity:

Complete Course:
There's even a suggested complete course on this topic, created by mixing and matching modules from Trainers' Library:

(Available to both Trainers' Library members and non-members.)

This is just some of the training material available to members on this topic. Members can get more suggestions and advice on how to tailor our materials to specific learning objectives by using Design Coach.

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