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How do I help people...?

make meetings more effective?

Let's be honest; meetings can be a waste of time! They often involve the wrong people, or too many people. They're often unplanned and unstructured. And often they fail to achieve any meaningful outcomes.

An ineffective meeting isn't just a waste of time - it's a waste of money and the real financial cost of meetings is often overlooked or ignored. 

Luckily, we've developed a whole range of materials that will help you enable people to plan, run and participate in meetings that are effective and beneficial to the organisation. 

Here are some examples:


Course Modules:

Team Building Game:

(Available to those with a Full, Consultant or Pro membership package.)

(Available to both Trainers' Library members and non-members.)

This is just some of the training material available to members on this topic. Members can get more suggestions and advice on how to tailor our materials to specific learning objectives by using Design Coach.

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