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Lindsay Hawkins

Cultivate Training & Development

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Over the last 20 years, I have worked with and learnt from some amazing people and I think the following sums up what I have learnt along the way:-

• No-one can learn for you so our job as facilitators and trainers is to open doors and support people as they explore and take what is useful to them.
• Experiential and story-based learning is the key to helping people to see their currently reality differently and the stimulus to change.
• Having a growth mind-set is the fundamental ingredient to personal development and individual success.

Cultivate was born from my love of the garden and the fusion between caring for plants and people. We know that we need to make sure that the soil is fertile and suitable for planting before we plant our seeds or seedlings. We know that they need cared for, not just in the early days but throughout their life, regularly fed and watered and even pruned occasionally.

The analogies that we can draw to how we look after our people are endless and powerful. That is how nurturing people and growing talent became our strapline.

These are our Passions:-

Leadership Development
We provide brilliant learning for leaders at all levels through engaging workshops; designing learning programmes and supporting individuals with mentoring and coaching. All our services can be provided both on-line and face-to-face. We support you to nurture your people and grow your talent.

Team & Relationship Building
We will fast track new teams towards high performance; help existing teams that are just a bit stuck. We use creative activities and even the outdoors to get to the heart of team relationships and build stronger more accountable teams.

Performance Reviews
If you are fed up with your approach to annual reviews, we are brilliant at helping to design simple approaches to performance discussions and providing the development support for Managers that ensure they have conversations that make a real difference.

Working with Change
We’ve been there! With emotions running high, it takes a skilled leader to support their team and navigate change. We can be a real asset in supporting your people to understand and even embrace change.