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Profile for Craig Worcester

Craig Worcester


Job Title
Technical Director

Contact Number
01434 381122

Mobile Number

[email protected]


I trained as an engineering draughtsman in a major air conditioning company, back in the 1980's. Being the youngest in the drawing office, I was given the task of learning CAD (Computer Aided Design). Once I'd been given access to a computer I never looked at pen or pencil again.

Having become a self taught computer wiz, I moved into the IT department and then changed companies to work in a support function for a TV network.

In 2001 I joined Glasstap to help build the internet solution it needed to reach and support it's customers.

I like to think that my expertise includes making our web sites easy to use for everyone.

I'm one of those people who has many hobbies, briefly. Running, swimming and horse riding to name a few.

For my mid-life crisis I've taken up cycling. Not sure it's the right thing, just didn't want to be the typical red sports car driver.