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"We subscribed to Trainers’ Library nearly a year ago and as a Learning and Development Manager I have used so many of the great resources provided. This has saved my time in course creation but more importantly has enabled me to add some fun and relevant exercises which have enabled healthy discussions and achieved learning outcomes that participants still refer to months after as well as giving me examples of how they have implemented actions and changes in their workplace. "

Sue Bartlett, Medstrom Ltd

"I have been a member of Trainer's Library for many years now and since going freelance in 2020 have gained so much more than just access to amazing training materials and resources. I have hosted sessions at the Discovery Days and by sharing my knowledge and expertise have acquired new clients. These clients are also members of Trainers Library and reached out after seeing me facilitate my short session. When it comes to renewing my membership I don't have to think if it's worth it - I get support from a great team, I get to promote my own training workshops, I can access great resources and I can add clients to my business. Thank you Trainers Library. "

Pauline Weddell, Learn to Grow

"Trainer's Library is an absolute game changer! We use the resources to support in creating L&D content and team building and always get great feedback from learners. Thank you SO much for helping make our learning offerings so relevant and accessible! "

Helen Sanderson, Dalcour Maclaren

"I find the resources easy to locate and the instructions for use are clear and the guidance that supports them enables wider discussion adding value to the activity and outcomes. "

Leonie Palmer, North Lincolnshire Council

"Trainers’ Library is a fantastic resource of well thought through, innovative and exciting nuggets that really help raise interest in training encounters - I keep many in a "tricks up my sleeve book" which travels with me to all course subjects, so I can just dip in and run one when the conditions are right. They are also a great bunch of people - valued staff producing a valued service. Membership is well worth it. "

Julie Thomas, Simply the Best Training Consultancy

"I love the resources that Trainers' Library provide. It's like having a whole gang at your fingertips when you're sitting there trying to come up with a new/interesting/stimulating game, idea resource! ALWAYS having someone who can help. :-) "

Lucy Taylor, Paradigm Housing Group Ltd

"Content always great, user friendly with great communication from all the team. "

Laura Cronin, Equivo Limites

"Best go to place for innovative ideas. "

Julie Thomas, Simply the Best Training Consultancy

"It's inspiring, there's so much to explore. "

Claire Noble

"Love it, my right hand people. Thank you. "

Karon Campbell, Synnovis

"So happy to be using this brilliant platform again - you need to rename this Trainers' Dream. "

Carly Brunsden, Spencer Ogden

"I just love Trainers' Library; it's full of brilliant resources that save me so much time and my clients love them. "

Pauline Weddell, Learn to Grow

"Great training support material and excellent customer service. "

Stephanie Fry, People Mechanics

"We have been working with Trainers' Library since the beginning of 2021 and are very impressed by the amount of resources available and the phenomenal customer service we have experienced, thankyou very much! "

Sue Pittman, Usborne Books at Home

"Glasstap have done absolutely amazing in reaction to the current climate, credit to you all. "

Emma Wilson, Motorpoint

"I just wanted to write a big thank you to you for your amazing efforts of getting us trainers and facilitators off to an as good start as possible in this Pandemic first quarter. It’s been really inspiring to follow your work and be able to tap in to it when needed. My Glasstap subscription is well worth the money and I keep promoting you whenever I get a chance. Thanks team, you are simply great! "

Lottie Skuthe-Cook, Grey Panther Management Ltd

"I love this library and wish I had joined last year. It has given me different approaches and the added insight from the team really helps. "

Nicola Richardson, The People Mentor

"A wonderful resource and I so enjoy the Insights that you send across each week. I have found recently so much support both from the website and from your team as I am asked to diversify, expand and generally do masses of stuff I'm not usually involved in. I am so glad I took the plunge and invested in the subscription; it's been worth every penny so thank you :) "

Caroline Joy, EMCOR UK

"Trainers’ Library has to be the single best investment I have made in a long time. In 20 years working as a Learning and Development Specialist teaching over a variety of sectors I have always relied on my own creativity. Discovering Trainers’ Library has eased the pressure on constantly having to creatively design new material allowing me to focus on the more strategic elements of my role. The range of courses, activities and articles has been received with enthusiasm by my candidates. A particular favourite activity was ‘Bringing The Cows Home’ which is an excellent problem solving exercise that the group completely engaged with. I would recommend Trainers' Library membership to any L&D professional in any sector. "

Claire Pettitt, Showsec International Ltd

"Love it and all the content that is available and how easy it is to download as well. "

Judith Lindsay, MiHomecare

"We really like the materials, at such low cost, and if a licence is renewed within the existing licence period – the cost of the annual licence has remained the same. They will move licences around within the team if needed – at no cost. There are complete courses where you don’t need to design anything, and individual modules which can be stand-alone topics or pulled together to make your own class. The company are excellent at answering questions, providing advice and even writing or adapting an exercise to meet our needs. They have a weekly insight into relevant topics and a networking section where you can pose queries and get answers. They also offer some Masterclasses and I attended a “Cartooning for Trainers" session, the skills I gained being extremely useful (once a level of confidence of using cartoons in the classroom had been reached). There is a great site for purchasing training materials, exercises, games, pens and so on. Only one thing to bear in mind – if you buy a licence, the licence is for the one person only and that person cannot share materials with any other trainer. "

Gill Hannah, NHS Lanarkshire

"Having used the Witches of Glum activity for many years as part of our anti-racism training, we are yet to find an activity that so clearly and successfully demonstrates the power of external influence and unconscious bias on every single one of us. Not only is it suitable to use as a fun introduction to a very challenging topic such as racism, it is also extremely versatile and accessible to a wide range of ages. We will continue using Witches of Glum to challenge stereotypes and assumptions and would recommend it to anyone who wants to deliver a fun and engaging, but meaningful activity. This is a brilliant exercise and a fundamental part of our training! "

Show Racism The Red Card

"Amazing and engaging material.. I have used this as my main resource for leadership programme I have run for the last 2 years.... and the team are fantastic. "

Marc Beattie, World Courier

"Couldn't live without it!! Life is so much easier when you can use these materials instead of start from scratch. "

Gill Hannah, NHS Lanarkshire

"A fantastic source of information. "

Tracy Windross, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

"Love it! Great to be back! "

Sarah Leahy, Stonewater

"As always utterly fabulous resources, brilliant team and a wonderful website! You guys ROCK! "

Buffy Sparks, National Fostering Agency

"Amazing service from the team when phoned at 4:05 yesterday to order Police Chase - it arrived Saturday - not a working day, but Royal Mail managed it anyway - just a typical team effort from the deep North! "

Phil Hawthorn, 1 Step Ahead Ltd

"I have found Glasstap to be extremely useful while putting together a training program for out team leaders/deputy team leaders. the materials are all really easy to follow.I have found everyone at Glasstap professional, helpful and friendly on my dealings with them. "

Shirley Palmer, Collingwood Insurance Services

"I've always been a fan of Trainers' Library and used to have membership when working at Sheffield Hallam University. Since leaving there and starting a new role, it is one of the first things I wanted to get. We have found it really valuable. "

Tracy Barlow, Head of People Development, Sheffield Students Union

"Glasstap give me the opportunity to use training materials that allow delegates to think outside the box and generate discussions on topics which have the potential to be a bit dry in employment matters. Delegates I have worked with have responded well especially when working with groups who need to establish better ways of working. "

Caroline Phillip, ACAS

"A brilliant resource. Always something fresh for your training sessions and you're never quite alone when you have Trainers' Library as part of your toolkit. Renewed for another year and looking forward to seeing what goodies I can find for my training programmes! "

Sheila Traskowskie, Your Learning Days Ltd

"I only joined in May at basic level as I'm an individual free-lancer and rather than source my own training, I work for training companies who who are quite prescriptive in what they want delivering, so I didn't think I would get much use out of a lot of the materials and thought it was quite expensive. How wrong could I have been? I was recently asked to deliver a pre-written course for one client where it quickly became apparent that the course I’d been given to deliver was pitched at the wrong level for the learners. This meant that days 2 and 3 would need to be totally rewritten! Glasstap was a godsend as I designed a day's course about communication skills in one evening and am going to be doing another about collaboration for tomorrow using your materials. So, thank you glasstap! I will be continuing my membership, looking out for new ideas and am really looking forward to the cartooning course in Birmingham in September. "

Keely Laycock

"I can't believe I survived so long without Glasstap! You provide a brilliant service and I know I will always find an appropriate activity/icebreaker to complement a course I'm writing. The module notes are always easy to follow and I always receive great feedback from sessions that have had a Glasstap activity. A favourite with us is The Island of Opportunity. Looking forward to trying the new version! "

Alexis Sharman, Oldrids

"Your service is outstanding. I love being a member and feel this gives me a strong competitive advantage against other trainers who are not members. Thanks for everything. "

Andy Pickin, Motiv8 Development Ltd

"Thank you for helping our very small team of 2 look bigger. Without the use of the Trainers’ Library designing bespoke courses would be so much harder and although we are pro's (I think we are at least!) it makes our lives much easier! "

Adele Ashmore, The University of Law Limited

"I love Glasstap, find it a valuable resource, really easy to access and use. It's often my starting point when looking for new material and even though it's web based I love the fact that I can always pick up the phone and get excellent 'personal' customer service if its needed. "

Sallyanne Reed, Dream Team Development

"Professional and personal service all rolled into one with ease of use of finding usable hands on training material, which has so far produced, excellent results in the training environment. "

James Marsh, British Transport Police

"It's a brilliant service, with lots of really great material. All the material is easy to just pick up and deliver, with all the handouts and delegate material right there where you need it. It's easy to search for what you need or browse through course outlines. I would like to see some material that could be used in online learning as well though and think that Glasstap could be a great innovator in online soft skills training. "

Jennifer Lindsay

"Very pleased to be a' Gold member' and thank you for providing such a useful, relevant, current and more importantly a 'people focused' training tool facility - please don’t loose your values and become too 'strategic /organisational. Thank you one very happy customer. "

Dawn Sankey, The Orders Of St. John Care Trust

"I find Glasstap a very useful and informative website. If I need inspiration for upcoming courses it is my first port of call! Thanks Glasstap :-) "

Rachel Wilson, Land & Property Services Training Unit

"Trainers’ library is always the first place I go to when looking for training materials. This is because I am able to create events that are creative, inspiring and make the learning points very accessible. The library has all the materials I need to enhance team days. They are always fun, and motivating, with staff returning to their base ready to capitalise on the stronger relationships created, and full of very practical ideas of how to take their team forward. "

Bernadette Walsh, Turning Point Scotland

"Can't believe it took me so long to discover you - your service is excellent. "

Jo Lowndes, Flintshire County Council

"Keep up the excellent work - such as valuable resource - my job would be so much harder without you! "

Gill Hannah, NHS Lanarkshire

"Excellent! Customer service 2nd to none! "

Adam Barry, Creditsafe UK

"I think the material is far more interactive, the Trainers' Images are really handy and also the Trainers' Talk is helpful for all professional trainers, I also like the fact Trainers’ Library is full of new innovative training products. "

Debbie Meddins, Atos IT Services UK Limited

"The Trainer's Talk auto update is really helpful in keeping up with what is going on. Layout of the website is really clear and easy to navigate and I like the new look member newsletter. "

Geraldine Clark, Richmond Housing Partnership

"I have been a member for several years now and I continue to be impressed with the fact that you are always adding new courses etc. The content and level of detail is outstanding. You are an excellent resource for me - making my job easier and training sessions interesting for my delegates!! Thank you! "

Sandra Jones, Warrington Borough Council

"I think you've got a great product and I'm always recommending you to other trainers to look you up - I would just say keep doing what you're doing and increasing the database of training modules. "

Gemma Pugh, AXA Travel Insurance (UK) Ltd

"With the recent raising of issues around copyright infringement, Trainers’ Library has become more valuable as a resource. "

Jane Evison, Total People

"I think it well worth the subscription and has supported me in making my learning more interactive. Thanks very much. "

Louisa-Jane Olive, First Wessex

"I'd just like to reiterate how good I have found the training materials - good exercises to bring out the learning points and enough text for the trainer! The workshop materials that I have used have all been very active and activity oriented and that has suited my client groups. "

Anne Law, Church of Scotland

"Your customer service is excellent, not just Zoe, but your site is very easy to navigate. When I have forgotten my password (frequently!) I am back on line in minutes. You are an excellent provider. Thank you. "

Ray Thompson, The Information Centre for Health & Social Care

"Thanks as always - Glasstap goes from strength to strength in meeting the changes and challenges in the training world. "

Beryl Furr

"I am really happy with the service and products I have used so far. In fact, some of my best materials have either come from, or been inspired by, your materials. "

Jennifer Cornwell, Town & Country Housing Group

"You're a very proactive and forward thinking company, who involves its customers all the time. "

Dawn Butcher, Kuoni Travel Ltd

"Why all trainers don't subscribe to Glasstap and Trainers’ Library I have no idea. I build many new courses around the materials. I have had incredibly helpful utilization of the service in one unusual area - an organisation I have worked with for 14 years. They ask me to revamp something (EG Performance Management) - and I think “What can I give them this time.” The Trainers’ Library always comes up with a new exercise I can just pull up and use. So, not only do I always look like the expert, I am ahead of the game continuously. I couldn't imagine running half of my workshops without you. You are my 'go to' partner whenever I am at the design stage of a workshop. "

Phil Hawthorn, 1 Step Ahead Ltd

"I love the helpful and supportive nature of the team at Glasstap. I also appreciate the effort that goes into ensuring the offering is constantly changing and love the move into DVDs and images. I feel that the team are really trying to help me run my training business successfully and class them as an integral part of my business support team. Thank you! "

Ann Pemberton, Open Road Learning Ltd

"It is an excellent resource that I refer to on a regular basis. Brilliant value for money. "

Rose Walker, Veale Wasbrough Vizards

"During the past 10 years, Glasstap has provided me with new ideas, inspiration and also networking opportunities. This has, without a shadow of a doubt, helped me to develop my own skills as a Facilitator and Trainer and have always found the material easy to use and up-to-date. As an extremely busy Professional, its important for me to trust the materials I use and I can wholeheartedly say I have never been disappointed with what you provide. "

Yvonne Pearson, BASF - The Chemical Company

"Keep up your excellent service and refreshing what you do. It is very difficult to find companies who recognise what their customers want and need and then actually do something about it - you certainly stand out from the crowd in all aspects of service so keep up the good work. "

Malcolm Lewis, AXA Isle of Man

"I think the Glasstap offering is so useful and I use a lot of your materials. I am Training Manager of nearly 3000 people across 4 sites and there are no materials, absolutely nothing, so I thank my lucky stars that I have you as a resource as I don't have time to put all the materials together. Thank you. I am continually asked, 'Could you train on assertiveness, or team building or influencing?' Of course I look thoroughly professional and brilliant as I just download what you have and use your materials. "

Karon Campbell, Bakkavör Katsouris

"I have been a member for 7 years and I have seen Trainers' Library grow in quality. It is THE site to go to for innovative and practical training resources, making my job a whole lot easier. Thanks. "

John Wright, Ultima Performance

"I will stay a member as long as I'm in this business, so thanks for a great support service to us front line professionals. "

Trish Stretton, People Face2Face

"Thanks for continuing to offer great service - it is such a relief to know that there is somewhere I can go to for ideas, suggestions, courses - it helps a lot. "

Gillian Barnes, Direct Wine

"Great service, quality materials ... keep up the good work! Thank you. "

Dorothy Moore, Westfield Training & Consultancy

"I'm a relatively new member and have been consistently impressed with service received - thank you! "

Susan Norman

"I feel like the library is a great support and use it frequently. I really enjoy the conferences and am looking forward to Blackpool. All my dealings with anyone who works for Glasstap have been positive ones. Everyone is always helpful and polite and friendly. Thank you. "

Katy Larkin, South East Coast Ambulance Trust

"Thank you for the continued excellent provision. "

Andy Malone, Tayside Police

"I think Trainers' Library is excellent. When I have found myself in need of inspiration, materials or an exercise this has helped me out as they are high quality and I can adapt them to suit my needs. "

Marion Dakin, Marion Dakin Associates Ltd

"Thank you - Your session plans have been invaluable to me this year. "

Melody McMillan, McMillan Learning

"Every month I get my direct debit receipt and I ask myself the question - should I continue this expense? Then I get a last minute request to run a one-off away day and where is the first place I go for inspiration? Trainers' Library. "

Carolyn Blunt, Real Results Training Consultancy

"Really like the course outlines and found they help stimulate even more ideas. "

Ian Marcus, Coca Cola Enterprises

"So glad I found and joined the service - and have recommended to others based on my own experience. "

Elizabeth Chrystall, All Round HR

"Easy to use resources covering a wide range of topics, excellent resource. "

Jean Arnold, Dorset County Council

"Trainers' Library is a fantastic resource, which saves buying books and books of games etc, and even if you don't use the actual activities within it, it can stimulate new ideas for workshops etc. "

Laura Mason, Quest Scotland

"I think the site is excellent, it is very user friendly and contains lots of useful information that I use regularly in my role as a learning and development facilitator. "

Paul McCaffery, Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service

"I have used Trainers' Library for some years now and it has proved a really valuable resource for finding innovative exercises for a sometimes challenging audience (lawyers and accountants). Well worth the investment. Thankyou. "

Carol King, Cooper Parry LLP

"I recently joined Trainer’s Library after having used many other suppliers and have been delighted with the quality of materials and customer service. If you are planning innovative and stimulating training courses then this is a great place for resources. "

Ken Sturgeon, Ken Sturgeon Marketing Limited

"Trainers' Library provides excellent value for money and a level of customer support that is becoming, sadly, all too rare. It's fantastic - keep up the good work as it's a really useful resource that I come back to time after time. "

Helen Boardman

"I have been impressed with the quality of the material in the library. So much so that I would like to make the subscription permanent. What do I need to do to make this happen? "

Steve Lavelle, Pearl Group Management Services Ltd

"Your staff are very friendly when in contact. Keep posting the new material and doing what you are doing. Thank you. "

John Rees, Denbighshire County Council

"I have used two modules from your resource today and found the whole concept very painless and most helpful - thank you. "

Amanda Waller

"Great value for money, time saving and great content. "

Gary Elton-Shewan, TLL Limited

"Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent resource -I have found some very useful activities to support my training already! "

Maxine Rawlings, University of Salford

"Your materials are great and have saved my skin - thanks! "

Gill Quinn

"I have spent 100's and 100's of hard earned cash on resources in the past, and after only 1.5 weeks of being a member of Trainers' Library, this is my best ever investment. The products together with your customer service are superb, and both have the elusive WOW factor. "

Ann Burton

"An excellent resource - it's livened up some of our 'tired' training. "

Nigel Whiting, Gray Dawes

"I love the Witches of Glum - used it last week as a listening exercise and it really made people think about the assumptions they make - one person was really cross with herself and said she would always remember it! "

Felicity Bridgewater, Bridgewater Consulting

"I think it's an invaluable resource and I've recommended it to many fellow training professionals - it's very user friendly and excellent value for money. "

Jo Downes, Pentica Ltd

"I find the library an invaluable source as I am a freelancer and so find it helps me to keep in touch - particularly like the idea of handouts that can be amended so that I can make them specific to the group I will be working with. "

Deborah Dalley

"I have been using Trainers library now for nearly 2 years and have found the materials relevant, user-friendly and up to date. The materials are added to frequently enough to allow for variation within a training programme and to keep the trainer interested! The initial investment has been paid back several times over in terms of saving time and energy when designing training programmes. The customer service and support are second to none. "

Rosemary Taylor, ViVViD

"I think this [Trainers' Talk] is a great addition to the already wonderful Trainer's Library. It's great to know that you can ask questions of other training experts! "

Jo House, Makro

"Think the updated site is excellent, the best resource on the internet. "

John Wright, Willow Associates

"Excellent icebreakers/modules. A Trainer's delight. "

Yvonne Pearson, Skipton Building Society

"Just a line to say congratulations, you did it again!! Over the last week or so I have had 2 quite diverse programmes to prepare for - one on managing change and the other on delivering excellent service to customers - and on both occasions I have been DELIGHTED with the quality, variety and use-ability of the exercises on Trainers Library - many many thanks!!!! "

Andrea Newton, ABD Training

"Used 'Boosting Glasstap's Future' with a group of construction graduates last week and it worked brilliantly! The feedback from the group was also really positive as they felt it provided a 'real life' opportunity to project manage and present to the client, so thanks. "

Ann Pemberton, Open Road Learning Ltd

"Love the site. Using all the negotiation skill stuff for a programme tomorrow; find it really helpful. Also, really like the new layout. "

Anna Keely

"I have to say Trainers Library is just outstanding - loads of freebies, help, support, fantastic training material that can be used, adapted, inspiration!!! - a welcome site to any trainer/coach. "

Buffy Sparks

"There I was writing a course to include an element of document processing! Rapidly losing the will to live and every ounce of motivation; your newsletter came in so I clicked on the site - and there it was..... Filing Frenzy!!! Oh there is a god! THANKS! "

Joy Wilson