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The Glasstap Learning Experience

In-house1 or 2 days
9.30am - 4.30pm
Price on request.

Rod Webb
Learn to Deliver Training with Impact:
Each action packed day with Rod will give your trainers new skills with which to design and facilitate events that learners will retain and be inspired by. Participating in some of Trainers’ Library’s most innovative and memorable training activities, they’ll gain an understanding of the importance of experiential learning and the impact it can have. And they’ll have fun learning how to use some of the skills and techniques we use to develop training that sticks.

It’s difficult to change someone’s behaviour simply by giving them knowledge; if we really want people to change, we need to engage their emotions too. And that’s exactly what your trainers will be more confident to do after this engaging and thought provoking day.

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the value and importance of experiential learning.
  • Use new techniques and ideas to immediately add creative sparkle to their training sessions.
  • Use a simple technique to design activities based on behaviours, rather than situations.
  • Deliver a range of Traienrs’ Library’s materials with renewed vigour and confidence. (Trainers’ Library members.)

“I thought the full day was amazing. The interaction between the team was great, the exercises very useful and I am really confident that the team will go from strength to strength. On a personal note, I am really glad I picked Glasstap and Rod to do the workshop as it was definitely at the right pitch and pace for the team.” Lisa Fox, KP Snacks (Trainers’ Library customer)

"Really enjoyable and informative day. New ways of making the key learning points stick." Michael Jenkins-Brown, Regional Development Manager, Specsavers.

Thank you very much for such an enjoyable and interesting course. I felt totally engaged the whole session."

"The style and pace of the day was excellent. I feel that my professional competence has been increased."

"Rod was inspiring and engaging."

"Fantastic course. Effective, engaging and exciting!"

“Very enthusiastic trainer with an obvious passion for what he delivers.”

About Rod:
Rod is co-founder and director at Glasstap Limited and the original Trainers’ Library author. He has more than 20 year’s experience in training design and delivery with a real passion for developing learning that participants will retain, be inspired by, and act upon.

Rod has authored many of the most innovative training materials in Trainers’ Library, including Witches of Glum, which has been endorsed by Show Racism the Red Card. He has written or co-written all of the library’s innovative team building games and retains overall control for all of Trainers’ Library’s content.

Cartooning for Trainers and Presenters

27/03/20171 day
9.30am - 5.00pm
Non Member Price: £400.00
Location: etc.venues, Bonhill House, London

How to Get Your Ideas Across with Impact

This workshop is ideally suited to trainers, lecturers, presenters, teachers, coaches and facilitators. In fact anyone who is involved with helping others to learn, or facilitating group work of any kind, will find this practical workshop to be immediately applicable.

You may not believe this yet - but no drawing experience is required for success on this workshop.

Why Attend?
Something special happens when you draw an idea in front of a group. Their attention and curiosity is captured and they are easily able to absorb your ideas and information. In terms of memory, research shows that the ability of the brain for picture recognition is virtually perfect. Pictures, therefore, provide a powerful way to get your message across and the ability to sketch an idea on a flipchart or whiteboard is an invaluable skill. 

Most people don’t believe they can draw but in this workshop you'll learn to draw simple cartoons and images that will help you to bring ideas to life and make information memorable. 

The sessions are practical and fun with plenty of opportunity to apply your skills. With Graham's easy-to-learn step-by-step approach, you will soon be drawing great cartoons.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Draw a range of simple and effective cartoons make learning more effective.
  • Use cartoons in numerous ways to make ideas memorable.
  • Amaze and delight audiences with the impressive power of a quick sketch.
  • Grab the attention of audiences and a create a resourceful learning state.
  • Use cartoons to enhance the process of setting learning activities.
  • Incorporate cartoons into handouts and electronic presentations.
  • Apply cartooning to improve study skills and revision techniques – for self and others.
  • 'Jazz up’ flipcharts to create an attractive and welcoming learning environment.
  • Use cartooning to enliven storytelling.
  • Use cartooning as a group energising exercise.
  • Add humour and creativity to their training.
  • Inspire course participants to express ideas through drawing.

See a taster of Graham in action at TEDx Hull and learn some drawing skills – just grab a pen.

Learn ‘How to Draw to Remember More’ – watch Graham’s TEDx Vienna talk – have your pen ready to follow along.

By the end of the workshop you will have discovered talents you may never have known you had. You will be able to use your skills immediately to enhance training sessions, presentations and all kinds of learning experiences.

Feedback from Previous Participants:

“I just wanted to let you know that, since the course in Leeds on 22 October, I have been using the learning that I gained and have enjoyed doing it very much. I’ve been surprised at how confident I’ve felt in having a go at something which, until recently, would have been a non-starter for me. Thanks again for enabling me to make this breakthrough. I really appreciate it.!” 

"One of the most engaging and thought provoking courses I have been on for a while. Lots of great practical tips and ideas."

"Graham was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. This was my blind spot - never knew I could draw."

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