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Creative Training Essentials

Creative Training Essentials

Whether you're new to Trainers' Library or want to develop your skills as a Creative Trainer, this is our 'essential' train the trainer course. It’s a truly experiential learning experience, where you’ll be in a group with no more than 15 participants.

£350 per person.

What you’ll learn:
In this fast-paced day, you’ll learn:
  • The importance of retention, inspiration and action in the learning journey.
  • What experiential training means in practical terms, and why it matters.
  • How to use stories, metaphors, games and a whole host of new techniques to create and deliver training that has real, and lasting impact!
  • How to avoid, manage and overcome challenges like confirmation bias, the credibility barrier and ‘so what?’
  • How to use your Trainers’ Library membership to achieve maximum impact, save time and money, and reduce stress!
And you’ll experience some of Trainers’ Library’s most popular and powerful training exercises, giving you the confidence to use them effectively in your own training.

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We also offer in-house Train the Trainer training, tailored to your needs. Click here to enquire.

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