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Cartooning for Creative Trainers

Cartooning for Creative Trainers

Add creativity and impact to your training!
A picture paints a thousand words and an unusual image can stay with us forever. How often is that true of PowerPoint, flipcharts, handouts or workbooks?

This workshop is for anyone that wants to grab the audience’s attention and deliver key messages in a way people remember! It’s ideally suited to creative trainers who understand the important role retention and inspiration play in effective learning.

No drawing experience is required for success on this workshop.
Anyone who is involved with helping others to learn, or facilitating group work of any kind, will find this practical workshop immediately applicable. With Graham's easy-to-learn step-by-step approach, you will soon be drawing great cartoons and you’ll have discovered talents you may never have known you had!

£295 per person.

What you’ll learn:
By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Draw a range of simple and effective cartoons that make learning more effective.
  • Grab the attention of audiences and create a resourceful learning state.
  • Use cartoons to enhance the process of setting learning activities.
  • Incorporate cartoons into handouts and slides.
  • Apply cartooning to improve study skills and revision techniques – for yourself and others.
  • Create an attractive and welcoming learning environment.
  • Use cartooning to enliven storytelling.
  • Add humour and creativity to your training.
  • Inspire course participants to express ideas through drawing.
(See a taster of Graham in action at TEDx Hull.)

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Customer Reviews:
"I loved this course. Best day at ‘work’ ever. Reminded me how much I love drawing and I must do some more. Thank you."

"A thoroughly enjoyable day, where I have learnt such a lot in a short time. Thank you Graham!"

"As an experienced trainer this is an excellent tool to add to the kit - I shall use it immediately! Thank you very much for this highly effective and practical course."

"This learning will really add a new dimension to my training."

"An amazingly practical day, allowing me to start with drawings immediately, which I will begin using in workshops tomorrow. Thank you very much."

"Absolutely loved it, thank you."

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