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With more and more people working remotely, or at home, delivering bite size training remotely using webinar/online meeting spaces can be cost and time effective.

In this section, we’ve pulled together modules that can be delivered remotely or adapted to be delivered over the internet by a trainer in real time. We provide ideas and suggestions for making the module work in this environment, although the actual methods you use will be dependent on the functionality included in the system you are using for delivery. As well as group discussion and chat, many provide the ability to create polls and some provide the opportunity for participants to raise a ‘virtual’ hand in order to speak, or even break people into syndicate spaces.

To ensure virtual delivery is as effective as possible we recommend:

1) Keeping the sessions short. Each module here provides the material for a bite-sized learning session, sometimes with pre and post-training activities to complete.

2) Keep the group size small. The temptation with remote delivery can be to try and deliver to many more people at once. However, it’s harder to achieve engagement and interaction when delivering training remotely and if you want to avoid slipping into presentation mode, it’s important to keep the group size small – smaller even than you might have in a training room.


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