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Time management is an invaluable skill for everyone. Good time management, including effective planning and prioritising, setting goals and knowing when and what to delegate, helps participants to be more effective and accomplish more.

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Time Management - Course Content Bingo

In total we estimate this exercise will take 20 minutes.

• To understanding of the key concepts of Time Management.


The exercise in this module can be completed in about 15 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 20 minutes for this review.

• To understanding of the key concepts of Time Management.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of almost any size.

You'll Need:
• A hat/bag to hold the keywords/phrases slips of paper.
• A small prize is also needed.

You’ll need to cut out the keywords and phrases provided before the training session. You may wish to adjust the suggested words/phrases to meet the exact needs of your participants. You need 30 words in total.


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