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Boosting Glasstap's Future


This game can be played in about 135 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion and evaluation, we recommend allowing 200 minutes (based on 2/3 teams).

• To test participants’ abilities to analyse information effectively and identify problems and their causes.
• To test participants’ abilities to think strategically, develop long-term solutions and be able to ‘sell’ these.
• To develop team skills and test time management skills.
• To test participants’ abilities to develop and deliver a persuasive presentation.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Project management, leadership, teamwork, time management, communication, information gathering, problem solving, attention to detail, planning, creative thinking, marketing, presentation, negotiation.

Group Size:
You’ll need a minimum of 4 participants for this exercise.

Useful For:
Managers at all levels, particularly those involved in managing projects. It can also be used with other staff as a way to assess a variety of skills over a three-hour period.

You'll Need:
• One complete pack of information for each team.
• Plenty of space. (Ideally each of your teams will have a separate breakout room to work in.)
• Name cards for each member of the Parish Council – Martin Webster, Glenda McWilliams, Robert Fungle, Richard Longfoot and Denise Roberts.
• A supply of grant application forms, which you can hand out on request. (If using the simpler version of the exercise with no grants, you won’t need these.)
• Card, scissors, colour pens etc. (optional).
• A small prize for the winning team.
• A screen (for the PowerPoint Calendar countdown).

All of the documents required by participants are included in each of the Participant Packs. You can run a slightly simpler version of this exercise, without the grants, by using the ‘simpler participant pack’. The time required for this exercise will be determined by the number of teams. Each team is required to give a 15-minute presentation at the end of their preparation time (135 minutes).