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Murder at Glasstap Grange


This game can be played in about 120 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion and evaluation, we recommend allowing 150 minutes.

• To assess team dynamics and their ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively.
• To show the importance of sharing information with others and gathering information through effective questioning and listening.
• To understand the importance of a thorough investigation when solving problems.
• To provide an opportunity to practise working effectively under pressure and maintaining the focus and momentum needed to complete the task accurately and in the allotted time.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Communication skills, team building, team skills, effective meetings, time management, leadership and problem solving.

Group Size:
This exercise is specially designed to be used in small groups of between 4 and 6 participants. In larger groups, teams can compete against each other to see which can come closest to solving the mystery.

Useful For:
Staff at all levels working in a team. It can also be used very effectively for virtual teams with individuals participating via a conference call, email or internet forum.

You'll Need:
• One printed copy of the story for each individual. (Take care to ensure that each team of participants has at least one copy of every version.)
• One floor plan and set of character cards for each team.
• Sufficient room to for each team to work without being distracted by other teams. Ideally, place each team in a separate syndicate room.

Murder at Glasstap Grange is a powerful tool that can also be used to assess skills in an assessment centre.