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Filing Frenzy!


This game can be played in about 30 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion and evaluation, we recommend allowing 90 minutes.

• To test participants’ attention to detail, individually, or collectively.
• To test participants’ levels of accuracy under pressure.
• To show how tasks can be broken down into achievable goals, and how teams can use short term goals to improve performance.
• To test participants’ abilities to work together effectively.
• To examine the impact of change on comfort zones and confidence.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Accuracy and attention to detail, teamwork, goal setting, managing change and leadership.

Group Size:
There is no minimum number of participants – this exercise can even be used to test individual skills.

Useful For:
Staff at all levels.

You'll Need:
• One set of Filing Frenzy and instruction cards for each individual or team (see notes).
• A stopwatch or watch.
• A whistle or bell (optional).

This exercise is normally run as a series of short 10-minute activities (with discussion at various points). These activities can be run back to back, but are perhaps more effective when used as an intermittent energiser during a training day/course and used to illustrate or highlight learning points covered in detail elsewhere in the training programme.

You will need one set of Filing Frenzy cards for each individual or team. (We recommend a set of 180 cards for each individual or team, i.e., 10 copies of the ‘Filing Frenzy Cards’ document if running the exercises on the following pages.)

However, for a simple ‘accuracy test’ you could use fewer cards. For example:
• Individuals – 36 cards (2 copies of the ‘Filing Frenzy Cards’ document).
• Teams of 2-3 – 90 cards (5 copies of the ‘Filing Frenzy Cards’ document).
• Teams of 4-6 – 126 cards (7 copies of the ‘Filing Frenzy Cards’ document).

Note of Caution:
This exercise may not be suitable for participants who are colour blind or visually impaired. However, in most cases anyone who falls into this category can still be involved. Ask them to observe/listen to the teams during the exercise, identifying effective and less effective behaviours in order to provide constructive feedback afterwards.


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