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Flenda’s Tale - Understanding Our Impact on the Behaviour of Others


The exercise in this module can be completed in about 30 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 40 minutes for this module.

• To help participants understand the impact of their behaviours on others and the part they can play in developing and improving difficult relationships at work.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of up to 25 participants.

Useful For:
Everyone who interacts with others at work.

You'll Need:
• 2 different colour pens for each participant (to complete the handout).

A great exercise to demonstrate our role in conflict with others. It’s designed to help anyone reflect on how to improve their workplace relationships, not just those who are in conflict. It is also a useful addition to Emotional Intelligence training.

We do recommend that you practice reading Flenda’s Tale aloud a couple of times before using this exercise.

Remote/Virtual Delivery:
There is a Remote Delivery version of this module available in Trainers’ Library.


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