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His Lordship’s Garden Party - Strategy and Teamwork


This game can be played in about 45 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion and evaluation, we recommend allowing 75 minutes.

• To test participants’ abilities to plan and develop a strategy that delivers a good result for the ‘customer’.
• To test participants’ abilities to effectively utilise skills within the team to solve a series of problems.
• To test participants’ abilities to anticipate and successfully respond to unexpected challenges.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Teamwork, planning, problem solving, time management, communication, attention to detail.

Group Size:
We suggest running this exercise with teams of 3-5 participants.

Useful For:
Staff at all levels. It can also be used to examine the role of leaders within teams.

You'll Need:
Each team will need:
• A copy of the Brief, Task List and Additional Information Handout.
• Two Promise Slips.
• Plenty of flipchart paper and marker pens.
• A blue, green and red pen (or one that is all three).
• A length of string.
• A ruler.
• A self-tie bow tie.
• A pack of playing cards.
• A ball.
• A die.
• 25 recycled paper cups.
• A range of small toys including a dinosaur.

You will need:
• Flash cards for the party guests (provided).
• A blindfold.

This team building game can be used in a number of ways, and can be applied to many different topics including project management, teamwork, planning and setting expectations. It can also be used to examine the role of leaders within teams and if that’s your intention, you might want to pre-assign the role of leader to someone from each team.

The activity itself takes 45 minutes and you should allow a further 30-45 minutes to review and score the teams’ performance and explore the key learning points.


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