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What Is Assertiveness? (R)


The exercise in this module can be completed in about 30 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 40 minutes for this module.

• To define assertiveness.
• To identify the main characteristics of assertiveness.
• To distinguish assertive behaviour from aggressive and submissive behaviours.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of up to 12 participants. It’s also suitable for 1-1 training.

Useful For:
Staff up to supervisor level.

You'll Need:
• Nothing other than the materials provided.

There are two exercises in this module; a simple quiz (15 minutes) and a discussion exercise (15 minutes).

Remote/Virtual Delivery:
Remote Delivery requires a system that as an absolute minimum provides the following functionality:
• Face-to-face discussion.
• Share screen.
• Chat.
• Share files.

In addition, we strongly recommend using a system that provides for:
• Breakout Rooms.


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