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Island of Opportunity - A Test of Negotiation Skills (R)


This game can be played in about 60 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion and evaluation, we recommend allowing 90 minutes.

• To demonstrate the importance of building a clear understanding of needs and feelings in negotiation, through effective questioning and listening.
• To show the importance of separating people and personalities from the problems.
• To show the value of a shared problem/creative solution finding approach to negotiation.
• To provide an opportunity to practise negotiation, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Negotiation skills, communication, leadership, teamwork and collaboration, and problem solving.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of up to 12 participants. It’s not suitable for 1-1 training.

Useful For:
Staff at all levels who are involved in negotiating, but managers in particular.

You'll Need:
• Nothing other than the materials provided, but you might want to consider pre-assigning participants to their tribe and providing tribe members with their team brief and the island map in advance of the training session.

It’s best to run this exercise module without too much explanation. This exercise has many different potential solutions – the learning comes from the experience of trying to find one that all parties can agree to.

Remote/Virtual Delivery:
Remote Delivery requires a system that as an absolute minimum provides the following functionality:
• Face-to-face discussion.
• Share screen.
• Chat.
• Share files.

In addition, we strongly recommend using a system that provides for:
• Breakout Rooms (required).