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Hands up, Line up!


The exercise in this module can be completed in about 10 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 20 minutes for this module.

• To energise a group.
• To test remote participants’ abilities to work together quickly to solve a simple problem.
• To introduce the concept of continuous improvement.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of up to 12 participants. It’s not suitable for 1-1 training.

Useful For:
All participants.

You'll Need:
• Nothing other than the materials provided.

This simple activity is one you can return to several times in your training to demonstrate the principles of continuous improvement. For smaller groups, we recommend using the anagram approach; for larger groups, you can use the alternative approach where you simply allocate each participant a number.

This activity uses functionality in Zoom. If using other tools, you may need to check the hands up functionality and the impact it has on how participants appear on screen.

Remote/Virtual Delivery:
Remote Delivery requires a system that as an absolute minimum provides the following functionality:
• Face-to-face discussion.
• Share screen.
• Chat.
• Share files.

In addition, we strongly recommend using a system that provides for:
• Polls/Quizzes (not required).
• Breakout Rooms (required).

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