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Hold the Front Page! - Teamwork Under Pressure (R)


The exercise in this module can be completed in about 50 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 80 minutes for this module.

To test participants’ abilities to:
• Work together towards a shared goal under pressure.
• To project manage in a rapidly changing environment.
• Quickly assimilate and share information effectively.
• Prioritise and manage changing priorities.
• Produce high quality, accurate output.
• Write with the audience in mind.
• Manage time effectively.
• Ensure a high quality, accurate output.
• To allow participants to practise or demonstrate a range of skills including project management, time management, teamwork under pressure, quality control and accuracy, leadership, creativity and effective writing.

Skills and Behaviours Tested:
Team skills, planning and project management skills, writing skills, attention to detail, quality control, leadership, creativity and time management.

Group Size:
This module can be used with groups of up to 12 participants. It’s not suitable for 1-1 training.

Useful For:
Supervisors and managers or anyone involved in project work.

You'll Need:
• To create a blank Jamboard for each team, together with one for ‘training’ purposes. (Alternatively, the teams can use PowerPoint or Word to create their front pages, though this is not the recommended approach.)
• The Activity Links provided and your unique Pin, which you’ll find in ‘My Account’ section of the member homepage.
• To be able to visit teams periodically in their breakout rooms to provide further input.

This exercise works best when you have at least 2 teams competing to produce the best e-newspaper. Each team should have a minimum of 3 and, ideally, a maximum of 6 participants.

Remote/Virtual Delivery:
Remote Delivery requires a system that as an absolute minimum provides the following functionality:
• Face-to-face discussion.
• Share screen.
• Chat.
• Share files.

In addition, we strongly recommend using a system that provides for:
• Polls/Quizzes (not required).
• Breakout Rooms (required).