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Bridge Challenge - Maintaining Momentum


The exercise in this module will take about 20 minutes to complete. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 45 minutes to complete this module.

• To consider the importance of momentum when innovating.
• To look at what builds momentum behind a project or idea, and what saps energy from a project or idea.

Group Size:
This module is suitable for use with groups of any size.

Useful For:

You'll Need:
For this exercise you'll need to be able to split your participants into 2 teams, each with a different room to work in.

You'll also need to gather a set of 'building materials' for each team.

Typically, we provide each team with the following:
• 20 'pick-up' sticks.
• 3 pairs of scissors.
• 4 rulers.
• 6 sheets of A3 card (or 12 sheets of A4 card).
• A ball of string.
• A roll of sticky tape.

You can vary the materials you provide in any way you wish - the important thing is that each team must have exactly the same materials to work with (including the same number of pairs of scissors etc). You'll also need a toy car for each team (each should be the same size and weight). Choose a car that is 'Dinky' sized, rather than 'Matchbox' sized. (More mature UK readers will know what we mean!) For those of you who don't, we mean a car that is not too small - aim for something about six or seven inches long and weighing about 1lb (500 gram). We want this exercise to be challenging.

For very large groups (20 or more participants) you’ll need more than 2 teams. Establish a number of small teams with 4 or 5 participants in them, and some very large teams with perhaps a dozen participants in them.


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