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A Level Playing Field - Diversity Game


This game will take about 90 minutes to play. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 150 minutes to complete the game and ensure that all of the learning points are brought out.

• To create an understanding of UK workplace Equality Law so that all employees and managers are aware of their responsibilities.

Group Size:
This module is suitable for use with groups of between 8 and 24 participants if using the online game board or between 8 and 12 participants if using the table top version.

Useful For:
Everyone in the workplace – because everyone needs to be clear on what they can and can’t do. This is not a topic bound by status and participants will have the most fun from the game if there is a mix of roles, seniority and experience in each team. The game will be especially useful for managers and team leaders who are usually closest to managing diversity and equality issues and need to be clear on the law.

You'll Need:
• A computer/laptop with internet access. Please note, you will need to be logged in to Trainers' Library to access and use the online game board.
• Questions and Answer Sheet.
• Up to 24 participants (4 teams of 6).

If you don’t have internet access, it is possible to run a Tabletop version of this exercise, in which case you’ll need:
• The Spinner.
• The Tabletop Game Board.
• 4 different coloured counters.
• Questions and answers sheet.
• Up to 12 participants (4 teams of 3).

Most questions have multiple choice or yes/no answers. This means that the third team to have a go at a question is pretty much guaranteed to get a correct answer when the question comes round again. This keeps the overall time for the game within reasonable limits and adds to the fun, because of the danger of a team getting the answer wrong and allowing another team to get in with the right answer next time.

The game is very easy to play. We suggest that you have a practice run beforehand to ensure you are clear on how it works.

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