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Employee Engagement - The Manager’s Role


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The exercises in this course agenda can be completed within 4 hours 20 minutes. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 7 hours to deliver (excluding breaks).

• To introduce managers to the subject of employee engagement.
• To help managers begin to understand why employee engagement is central to being a successful manager.
• To encourage managers to identify what makes employees feel engaged.
• To help participants understand the sorts of things great managers do to drive employee engagement and its impact on customer service.
• To help participants understand what feeling engaged in their job feels like and the impact it can have on the quality of their work.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Explain the difference between satisfied, motivated and engaged employees.
• Explain why engagement matters.
• Establish whether an employee’s sense of pride is coming from their job, the organisation or a combination of both.
• Increase engagement by strengthening their team members’ pride in both the organisation and their jobs.
• Identify what will engage their employees.
• Describe the behaviours that drive employee engagement.
• Describe what creates employee engagement.
• Describe what engagement feels like.
• Explain the role of the manager in employee engagement.

Group Size:
This course can be used with groups of up to 15 participants.

Useful For:

You'll Need:
• Prepared flipcharts with some simple cartoon faces on them. (A simple oval with two ‘ears’ will do!)
• A Bridge Constructor kit for each team and a separate area for each team to work in.

This is a complete course created using a range of modules from Trainers’ Library. It shows how modules can be combined to create an effective training intervention.

The agenda provides an overview of the training event with each of the icebreakers, course modules etc. taken from Trainers’ Library highlighted in blue. You will need the trainer’s notes, handouts and any other supporting materials for all of the Trainers’ Library material included in the course.

Please take time to read through the detail of the Trainers’ Library briefs for each of the modules we’ve suggested including in this programme.

We’ve also included additional notes in the agenda to help you deliver a well constructed and coherent learning intervention.

This course has been designed for use with managers and is intended to help participants develop an understanding of employee engagement and provide some practical ideas for achieving it.

It is just one of many possible courses on the topic of employee engagement. You should consider the learning needs of your participants and the organisation’s needs and adapt this programme as necessary to meet these, using alternative modules from Trainers’ Library or your own resources.

Please note that all timings in the following agenda are approximate. You may need to allow more time on certain aspects of the course and less on others, depending on the needs of your participants.

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