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Country Kitchen - A New Leadership Style Ruffles Feathers and Leads to a Public Relations Disaster


Using the Country Kitchen Case Study
There are many ways in which you could use this case study and many topics for which it could provide a useful springboard for learning. We suggest some of them here. This is not a prescriptive list but obvious areas would be:
• Leadership Style.
• Workplace Culture and Culture Change.
• Whistle-Blowing.

This case study looks at an established family firm who have recently been bought out by a large manufacturing group and how the subsequent changes to leadership style and workplace culture affects the company and its employees.

Activity Example:
This could be used for whole group/small team discussions or written assignments addressing the questions:
How justified was Diana in instructing John to lose weight?
Was Diana correct in believing that banter and nicknaming “creates an unprofessional image, leads to over-familiarity, causes a casual and careless attitude to work and leads to bullying”?

Other Areas for Learning:
You could also use the case study to allow participants to practice many techniques or to learn about specific theories and approaches. For example:
• Leadership, Leadership Styles and Corporate Behaviour.
• Approaches to Cultural Change.
• Media Training.
• The use of Social Networks.
• Approaches to Staff Engagement.

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