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From Team Member to Team Manager


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The exercises in this course agenda can be completed within 3 hours. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 4 hours 50 minutes to deliver (excluding breaks).

• To encourage new managers to think about which of their team members they are most worried about managing and begin to identify actions they can take to manage them effectively.
• To explore some of the challenges participants will face as a manager and how to approach them with the right balance of ethics and pragmatism.
• To help participants understand that as they adjust to their new role as a manager, the necessary changes they make to their own approach at work can be confusing for their team members.
• To encourage participants to identify an appropriate management style based on the individual they are dealing with, the role they are doing and what the team needs them to do.
• To give participants an opportunity to reflect on their current skill levels as a manager and use the information to create a plan of action.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the attributes or behaviours of team members that they are most apprehensive about managing.
• Understand the importance of making decisions that enhance their reputation for being fair and pragmatic.
• Identify the right approach to take when managing friends.
• Understand the transition that their team members will need to make with regard to their new manager.
• Identify individuals’ desire and ability to do a good job.
• Decide on the best managerial style to use to maximise each individual’s performance and contribution to the team.
• Honestly rate their current skill levels.
• Describe some appropriate actions that they will take with specific individuals and the team as a whole to manage them effectively.
• Assess their progress against a benchmark and seek feedback from their workplace colleagues using the template provided.

Group Size:
This course can be used with groups of up to 15 participants.

Useful For:
Those who have just taken over managing a team they were already a member of, or those who are about to step up to a management role.

You'll Need:
• Art equipment, (see course outline for more details).
• Playing pieces. (One per team.)
• A small prize for the winning team.
• 60-second timer.
• At a Crossroads game board, Conundrum Cards, Traffic Lights and Diversion Cards (provided in Trainers’ Library).
• Lengths of string about 1 metre/3 feet long. (You’ll need two lengths for each team of 3 or 4 participants.)
• Plenty of floor or table space.

This is a complete course created using a range of modules from Trainers’ Library. It shows how modules can be combined to create an effective training intervention.

The agenda provides an overview of the training event with each of the icebreakers, course modules etc. taken from Trainers’ Library highlighted in blue. You will need the trainer’s notes, handouts and any other supporting materials for all of the Trainers’ Library material included in the course.

Please take time to read the detail of the Trainers’ Library briefs for each of the modules we’ve suggested.

We’ve also included additional notes in the agenda to help you deliver a well constructed and coherent learning intervention.

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