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This is so practical and enjoyable. I have used quite a lot during some of my experiential learning programmes. It's a great way to set up an outdoor activity especially if you want the team to do any orienteering or clue finding. Really brings home key learning about communication.
Clare Bell rated this item with 5 stars.

I love this activity. Used it many times, particularly in my talent development programmes. Really highlights the importance of sharing information and asking great questions. Also the pitfalls of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions.
Clare Bell rated this item with 5 stars.

This really is excellent and works really well. Paricipants particulary value the handout to use as a checklist.
Clare Bell rated this item with 5 stars.

This is a really effective ice-breaker for the start of any training programme. I have used it many times. I particuarly use it when covering rapport in a session. Recently used in appraisal training to emphasise the need for rapport and key skills of questioning and listening. It also helps people get to know each other across an organsation where they don't usually meet.
Clare Bell rated this item with 5 stars.

This was a good exercise for looking at the difference between satisfaction, motivation and employee engagement. I used this exercise after first sharing and looking at what employee engagement was about and with hindsight I wish I had done the exercise first. All three teams really wanted to engage with staff not just satisfy - it was a great exercise, with effort and participation high (the presentations were brilliant)and Employee Engagement was top priority on the learning outcome. But maybe the learning of the differences between the 3 areas was a little lost - note to self do the exercise first next time :).
Stephanie Fry rated this item with 5 stars.

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