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I used this activity for the first time in a new managers training course. Wow what an impact! It made me and all attendees realise how easy it is to create a positive environment.
The moral of this exercise was for managers to realise that they have the responsibility to create a positive environment for their teams, even in the face of adversity.
It was a poignant message.

Tracy Windross rated this item with 5 stars.

A brilliant game that I've yet to come across a participant who's not loved it! High energy, lots of skills tested and fun overall!
Lottie Skuthe-Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

Another well relatable exercise for participants which I've used in various forms of Customer Service training. It clearly shows the importance of empathy when dealing with customers (in particular the angry ones!) and how to handle various situations - no one size fits all.

Lottie Skuthe-Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

A great exercise I have used a lot in various forms of Customer Excellence training. It's well relatable for the participants and opens their eyes to how to listen, ask the right questions and act with customers.
Lottie Skuthe-Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

A brilliant exercise used as part of a one day workshop in Delivering Excellent Service. It really opens the eyes to the participants how different attitudes come across and how it makes people feel.
Lottie Skuthe-Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

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