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I ran Murder at Glasstap Grange for the first time recently. The team enjoyed the challenge and the feedback was positive. Some struggled with having only 30mins to read the instructions and wanted more, although it is a long exercise and having this initial timebound challenge offers more opportunity to observe how others accommodate the ones who have not yet finished (in my activity, two of the teams started the exercise without them!). There was a positive outcome when we used it to reflect the challenges of communication in teams and reflect on the habits that we defer to when we're not making progress!

Ironically, the teams all thought that they collaborated well throughout and only observed their behaviours and process as positive..... until I fed back some of my own observations of their behaviours and their ineffective communication habits!

Reading other reviews has given me more food for thought for when I run this exercise the next time.

Naomi Coleman rated this item with 4 stars.

I chose this content as part of a face to face workshop for Emotional Intelligence which was aimed at a middle management audience. The course was then changed to virtual but the first thing I would say is how easy it was to adapt to virtual delivery.
I used breakout rooms and ran part 1 of the activity first, then brought them back together for discussion and explanation of part 2 of the activity, then put them back into their rooms.
The timings were spot on, I do think it may have took less time face to face but it still worked really well, they loved it!
I did an evaluation on Microsoft forms and here are some of the comments;
"Be very good for any leaders"
"Very good interaction and well delivered"
"Good training content and very relevant for my role"
I also had an email from a manager to say that we should roll this out at all levels - Thank you ! Trainers Library for supporting our learning ??

Lisa Newell rated this item with 5 stars.

I have ran this brilliant activity a handful of times now, each time the groups had a different spin on the activity, it is so versatile and and such a fun way of getting the groups really working together and solving the murder!
The resources are brilliant and I spent some time laminating the character cards and turning it into a board game style activity.
The session allows for a brilliant wrap up at the end, with it providing some brilliant talking points to draw out some success/best practice and also some areas to focus on for growth.
Another well thought out and meaningful resource from the Trainers Library.
Thank you so much
Danny and the team at HC-One.

Danny Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

I have ran this activity twice now, both times were a great success!
I bought some backpacks and walkie talkies and made up a adventure pack for both teams.
To allow you to use the maps again, I also used some coloured sticky dots, which remove easily from the map once you are finished.
The activity provokes a lot of thought and fun! Making for some really inciteful conversations after the activity. The trainers notes are great and give you some really helpful questions and topics to really unpick some of the behaviours you are likely to see in the teams during the bike ride .
A top tip, I added some clues to cut outs and hid them in different parts of the bag, as well as the string etc, This gave the activity an almost escape room kind of feel.
Another brilliant resource from the trainers library!
Thank you so much
Danny and the team at HC-One

Danny Cook rated this item with 5 stars.

A highly effective activity, I have run it several times in a presentation skills programme and it goes down so well with delegates who say afterwards how much the methodology works for them. I also use it in 1-1 coaching to build confidence.
Clare Bell rated this item with 5 stars.

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