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2022 in Little Wins

A year or so ago, I wrote an icebreaker for Trainers’ Library called Little Wins. It was based on something that had helped me manage the stresses of running a business through the pandemic whilst simultaneously moving to a new country. 

It simply involves noticing, marking, and celebrating little wins. Incredibly simple, but important, because it’s so easy to let the disappointments and lows shape and define our view of the world and our collections of experiences. 

As we’re approaching the end of the year, now is a great time to reflect on the little wins of 2022. Let’s remind ourselves of what we’ve achieved, perhaps in very difficult circumstances and in doing so, hopefully set ourselves up, mentally, for even more success in 2023.

So, what are you most proud of when you reflect on your 2022? 

I’ll go first.

As always, I have to start with my team, their resilience, determination and in particular their focus on providing our customers the best possible support. It’s this commitment that has earned feedback such as:

"You need to rename this Trainers' Dream."

“My right hand people. Thank you."

“Phenomenal customer service.”

"I just love Trainers' Library; it's full of brilliant resources that save me so much time and my clients love them."

I know it looks like I’m taking credit here for other people’s achievements, but the bit I’m personally proud of is that we’ve worked together to create a long-standing culture where these things happen. 

Next, I’m proud that our commitment to giving 1% of our annual turnover to charity each year means that Autism Unlimited will benefit from a sizeable donation in the next few weeks.

I’m also incredibly proud that as well as offsetting our carbon through Carbon Neutral, we’ll have planted at least 240 trees through Trees for Life, a charity committed to rewilding parts of the Scottish Highlands by the year end. This means, arguably, that as a business we’re giving more back to the natural environment than we take. And that’s really important to me.

I’m also proud of the fact that we’ve been able to afford to give our team a proper cost of living pay rise.

The lowest point of 2022 was losing my old friend Bobby, the horse I’d owned for the previous 20 years (at the same time as I had Covid). I’ve written about him often in my blogs and the fact that Trainers’ Library might never have existed without the thinking space he gave me. I’m proud that I was with him at the end and of the good life I think I gave him. 

And, finally, I’m quite proud of the fact that at 56 and knowing I’m taking on a commitment that will last into my eighties, I’ve recently found the courage to buy an 18-month-old foal, who will be joining my second horse, Merlin in the New Year. Isn’t she stunning!

Training her using the natural horsemanship skills I learnt training Merlin (and hopefully have built on) will no doubt provide its fair share of frustrations and disappointments, but I know it’s going to be giving me lots more little wins in the coming years too.

When you look back at 2022, what are the things you’re most proud of? Please do take the time to reflect on this question and share your highlights, if not with me in the comments, then with someone else. You might be surprised by the positive energy it gives you.

December 20 2022Rod Webb

Rod Webb

This is a great icebreaker Rod - I developed a very similar activity to use in wellbeing and resilience based events and training. I ask participants to 'hunt the good stuff' a technique I discovered when studying for a Positive Psychology qualification. We then use these ideas written on sticky notes to create a 'Wall of Wow!' - some find it really hard to find anything no matter how small to celebrate, something that they're proud or thankful or grateful for but once they get started the wall quickly fills up. Some have taken the idea away to feed forwards and share with their teams and have introduced it at the start of a team meeting to highlight and celebrate those little wins. It's heart warming to hear the positive stories especially as individuals and businesses are finding things so challenging at the moment.
December 21 2022 Cat Underwood

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