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Tuesday Insight: Badge of Honour

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt conspicuous and out of place? Perhaps you’ve been alone in an empty train carriage when a group of rowdy youths have b....

Rod Webb
March 9 2021
Remote Working - Sharing Our Insight

As you might imagine, the customers who are getting in touch with us at the moment are focused on how we can help them to carry on delivering training remotely.

Frances Ferguson
March 26 2020
Remote learning. I was sceptical

I’ve been having piano lessons for about a year. It started as a way to help me re....

Craig Worcester
March 19 2020
Glasstap Creative & Discovery Days!

Running my own training business and often spending a lot of time alone writing and trying to create innovative thought provoking content for clients can lead to cabin fever!!....

Petra O'Hara
October 3 2019
Curiosity Killed the Cat?

Curiosity has nearly killed my cat multiple times. He seemed to have a death wish at Christmas when he began chewing through the wire on the Christmas tree lights, I’ve l....

Dave Morris
August 12 2019