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Mental Health Awareness Week

You would have to be hiding on a desert island somewhere with no links to the rest of the world to not have noticed that this week is Mental Health Awareness week.  Havin....

Emma Wynne
May 15 2019
How to Make Positive Changes

Be honest now, how many times have you vowed to start making changes in your life but never followed it through? How many excuses have you made to yourself not to do some....

Jules Peck
April 25 2019
Tuesday Insight - #ForFinn

One of the many things that unites the Glasstap team is a shared abhorrence of prejudice and discrimination; as my daughter puts it, we do our best to be “woke”.

Frances Ferguson
April 16 2019
Don’t Look Back in Anger, I Heard Them Say…

Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle told us that, ‘it’s easy to be wise after the event’, and he’s right.

Sometimes known as the ‘knew....

Jules Peck
April 10 2019

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