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Negotiating Attitudes

A few weeks ago, my brother bought a second-hand hybrid car from a local....

Frances Ferguson
October 9 2018
Delegation - The Risks of Not Doing It!

On our courses we cover in great depth the art of delegation so that it is beneficial to both parties; and we cover how to avoid some of the classic pitfalls. However, in....

Emma Wynne
September 19 2018
Different Perspectives

A few months ago, in a moment of madness, I signed up to do a triathlon, which is a little daunting! It means that I have had to add swimming and cycling to my repertoire....

Frances Ferguson
September 5 2018
When performance is missing the mark, what do you do?

I sometimes work with clients who have become so concerned and frustrated about the performance of one of their staff that they have reluctantly called me in to see if I ....

Lesley Wilson
August 15 2018
Are they just stuck in their ways? How to avoid common mistakes when managing change.

No one can deny that the pace of change can often seem relentless and never ending. Businesses that cannot keep up fall behind, and many actually go out of business. Ther....

Emma Wynne
August 12 2018

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