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Tuesday Insight: Ferries, and a Gratuitous Picture of My Cute Dog!

Have you ever noticed how the smallest things can leave the greatest impression?

I’ve been regularly travelling to France by ferry for years, and....

Rod Webb
November 7 2017
Intention or Perception?

It is unlikely that you’ve missed the increasing number of headlines in recent weeks resulting from people sharing stories of incidents where they have felt harassed or d....

Frances Ferguson
November 2 2017
What's in it for me?

What’s in it for me?
A recent coaching session I had with a student gave a timely reminder of this phrase/question. I thought I would share with you all.....

Malc Lewis
July 13 2017
Are you Flexing the Right Muscles?

In my younger days, when I was a lot fitter (and slimmer) I used to rock up every Sunday morning at the local Swimming Pool for a Masterclass Swimming Session.  The equivalent....

Karen Fleming
December 16 2016
What does 'good' look like in Management?

This summer, I took myself off for a luxury riding holiday learning dressage from the masters – the amazing Grand Prix Lusitano dressage horses in Portugal.

Now, I've b....

Karen Fleming
November 28 2016

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