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Tuesday Insight - What's Wrong with Happy Sheets?

I love getting ‘evaluation’ forms back at the end of my training events with straight ‘excellent’ ratings. Who doesn’t get ....

Rod Webb
July 17 2018
Tuesday Insight: The Need for a Common Goal

Last week (before England’s victories over Colombia and then Sweden) 

Rod Webb
July 10 2018
Tuesday Insight: Superstars and Superteams!

For those of us who enjoy the World Cup, it’s been a particularly interesting tournament, in which teams with the most celebrated ‘star players’ haven’t been winning many....

Rod Webb
July 3 2018
Tuesday Insight: Countdown to Success

Like a lot of people, I probably spend too much time on my phone playing games. A long-term favourite has been ‘The Chase’, but just recently I’ve been getting into Count....

Rod Webb
June 19 2018
Transforming teams. Why bother?

It's that time of year again, we are heading for another series  of the 'Apprentice' and love it or loath it, in my opinion it is a great opportunity to observe teamwork in it....

Alison Daniels
June 5 2018

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