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Why We Reward Reviews

I’m obsessive about reading reviews before buying any new product or service or booking any hotel or restaurant. It’s been said that I spend more time researching a holid....

Rod Webb
June 28 2022

In the days before Trainers’ Library, I facilitated a lot of training around creative thinking, helping organisations equip their people with the skills to generate and d....

Rod Webb
June 14 2022
LP = Learning Patterns

Ok, most of us probably don’t listen to LPs anymore, but I realised the other day that I probably have over 1,500 songs on my Spotify playlist that I can sing along to. I....

Rod Webb
May 24 2022
The Impact Of Internal Crises On Our Customers

Things can happen, even in the very best organisations, that impact customer service. 

For example, as

Rod Webb
May 10 2022
Shake Off Taboos and Talk

“You know he’s one of those…” She looks around, before she leans close to her friend, heaves her bosom and, her tongue thick with discomfort, whispers with exaggerated mo....

Rod Webb
March 16 2022