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Tuesday Insight: Constructive Feedback Trumps Cheap Shots

In a week when I’m writing about feedback, it’s perhaps ironic that President Trump is in the news again ....

Rod Webb
March 20 2018
Equality Matters

All too often, the news reports are about situations where something bad has happened, so it is lovely when a genuinely heart-warming tale goes viral that reminds us all of th....

Frances Ferguson
March 15 2018
Tuesday Insight: Change is Emotional

People sometimes question why we use so much story in our training materials, and why we put so much emphasis on emotionally engaging learners, rather than simply deliver....

Rod Webb
February 27 2018
Tuesday Insight - Negotiating Those Lightbulb Moments

The best thing about training is the lightbulb moments. And one the best thing about the type of training we design and deliver is that it can deliver lightbulb moments, ....

Rod Webb
February 26 2018

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