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Tuesday Insight: Can we learn from the Leave campaign?

Last week, Channel 4 aired Brexit: An Uncivil War, a drama that explored how the Leave campaign, headed by Dominic Cummings was so unexpectedly successful in the face of ....

Rod Webb
January 14 2019
Tuesday Insight: Be More Charlie!

Sometimes, when I’ve had absolutely enough of Brexit (who hasn’t), I hand ownership of my laptop over to my dog, Charlie, who lightens the mood with a few posts of his ow....

Rod Webb
January 8 2019
Stress Awareness at Work - What's the Cost?

Stress can be described as: “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands placed upon them” – HSE Definition.

Graham Ravenscroft
November 28 2018
Tuesday Insight: The Power of a Story

Stories are powerful learning tools. They tap into our deepest emotions, which helps us retain them. And they can be inspirational too – as long as we can make the connec....

Rod Webb
November 27 2018

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