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Tuesday Insight: The Leadership Shuffle

We’ve been talking a lot about leadership in the office recently, in part because we’ve been reviewing and updating the great module, Leadership Identikit, which examines....

Rod Webb
March 26 2019
3 Signs Your Organisation Needs Leadership Development

There are of course many reasons and signs that an organisation needs leadership training, but the length of an ideal blog means that I have been challenged to pick my to....

Emma Wynne
March 20 2019
Tuesday Insight: Social Media, Hate and Us

This isn’t the blog I intended to write this week, but on Friday we heard the terrible news of the terrorist attack on a mosque in New Zealand and, once more, the role of....

Rod Webb
March 19 2019
Tuesday Insight: Recognising Procrastination

We all procrastinate, but there are occasions when we don’t recognise we’re doing it. 

Take, for example, the inconvenient phone call. We’ve all ....

Rod Webb
March 5 2019
How to have 'Awkward' Conversations

I have often thought that you have not truly earned your HR stripes until you have had to advise someone on how to have an awkward conversation. The HR team are often adv....

Emma Wynne
February 28 2019

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