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You’re a STAR!

Someone told me the other day that they never tell anyone that they’re a star. Which drew my attention to the fact that I do. All the time. I even tried it with my French....

Rod Webb
December 6 2022
The Art of Desk-Bombing

Desk-bombing; it’s a thing apparently. The latest in a long line of office catchphrases. It describes the act of approaching someone at their desk to talk to them, withou....

Rod Webb
November 8 2022
When Teams Self Destruct

I have no sympathy for the situation Liz Truss and her ‘team’ faced last week, but I can empathise. Because I cocked up recently too.

As some of ....

Rod Webb
October 26 2022
What If or What Is

I was reflecting at the weekend on a moment with Mum. We were in the kitchen. We knew she only had weeks to live, but I remember her looking out of the window and telling....

Rod Webb
October 4 2022