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Why Stories Matter and Why You Shouldn’t be Embarrassed to Tell Yours

Stories have played a massive part in my professional and personal life. Outside of work, I write creatively just for the fun of it. It’s something I’ve loved doing since....

Rod Webb
August 22 2023
Punishment... When is the Time Right?

As previous readers will know, I have a two year old horse who I’m attempting to train using natural horsemanship, repeating a process I went through 12 years ago with Me....

Rod Webb
August 8 2023
Games – Learn to Play and Play to Learn!

My brother, who is recovering from a recent operation, visited last week and we took the opportunity to break out one of our favourite childhood board games – Totopoly. <....

Rod Webb
July 25 2023
Coming Together to Celebrate Success

A couple of weeks ago we closed the office for three days. It’s not something we make a habit of doing and, of course we still covered emails and phone calls remotely. 

Rod Webb
July 4 2023
Top Tips for Effective Virtual Delivery – Engagement

In my previous blog, I provided the first three top tips for effective virtual delivery, which for me are the basics:

June 6 2023