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Focus on: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: We hear these words a lot, but what do they really mean and how can you ensure the words become more than just words that are sprinkled arou....

Rod Webb
May 21 2024
Why time management is a leadership skill.

I’m constantly surprised by how much time managers spend in crisis mode, dealing with the urgent - and only sometimes important – stuff.

Perhaps ....

Rod Webb
May 14 2024
Focus On: Training Activities that Illustrate the Importance of Trust

When you think about it, trust is at the heart of all successful relationships and that includes relationships at work. Employees perform best when they trust their manag....

Rod Webb
April 4 2024
Reflections on the day I upset a fellow LinkedIn professional.

The other day, as I was finishing work, a post popped up on my LinkedIn feed about the rising cost of insurance. It made me laugh out loud and so I shared it. 

Rod Webb
March 12 2024