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Tuesday Insight: SARAH’s Change

One of the advantages of working in Learning and Development, is that you absorb a lot of information and ideas and, almost instinctively, question how to apply that in a training environment. And sometimes this insight spills over into ‘real life’.

Recently, my eldest daughter laughed as she told me that an abiding memory of her childhood was all the times when she complained about something/someone and I replied: “Well Freya, now we know what the problem is, shall we work on the solution?”

The reason we were talking about it was, of course, connected to the changes we’re going through right now. Some of the changes are positive (my son has learnt to make excellent smoothies), but others have been a lot harder to adapt to. I am sure the same applies to you too.

The conversation with my daughter made me realise the value of understanding the emotional journey of change. To recognise and accept our emotions; to examine them and ask, “What can I do that will be positive?”

We discussed SARAH, which is an adaptation of the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Change Curve. It starts with Shock, followed by Anger, Rejection, Acceptance and Healing.

It is the last stage which I believe to be crucial. Healing is when we make peace with the change and find a way to move forward positively, which is currently being exemplified by all the individuals (and organisations) who have accepted the current restrictions and found a way to do something positive.

They are too many to list and the numbers of people doing amazing things grows by the day.

But, as they say, knowledge/insight is powerful and that is why we’ve created a video and an e-Learning activity for you about SARAH’s Change.

We explore the experience of Sarah as she struggles to adjust to being diagnosed as diabetic. I am sure you will recognise her reactions and find ways to apply it to the changes you are currently experiencing.

Our hope is that it helps you, and your team, to find ways to move forward positively.

Good luck, stay safe and please keep in touch.

All the best


PS Freya’s university friends will tell you she is notorious for saying: “Now we know what the problem is, shall we work on the solution?” ??

May 12 2020Frances Ferguson

Frances Ferguson

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