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Mental Health Scenarios for Line Manager Workshop

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The question was posted by Ceri on 03/10/2023 15:55:37


I am creating a workshop to provide our line managers with knowledge, tools and skills to support their team members mental health. I want this to be as participative as possible and would like to create 4 to 5 scenarios that can be given to small groups during the workshop for them to work through to say how they would deal and next steps they would take. I would also like to be able to build on the scenarios and add additional information so we can give the line managers more exposure to test their knowledge and skills.

Does anyone have anything they use already that they might be willing to share? I'm trying to create them from scratch. Writers block is a real thing apparently ;-)

Thanks in advance

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With Chat GPT to get easy access you really need to pay for it as otherwise it is a nightmare to get on. Have a look at what it came up with anyway.
Thanks Nicola, I've been having real problems accessing Chat GPT - used to have access and now I cant get in to it so resorted to an alternative solution. Thank you for sending this through
Have you thought of using Chat GPT to write these?

It is great at giving you an outline of what you could cover and also good at writing cases that you just need to edit.

I have added your thoughts here:

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