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Hi, I have been a Qualified Trainer now for the past 17 years and a Qualified Life and Business Coach for the last 4 years. This year one of my big goals is to start working with businesses. One of the things I need to have in place is a sample contr....

Posted by Jenny Ball on 18/01/2018

2  responses

Hi.. can anyone suggest a software application to maintain training records, identify gaps, report on training etc. ? ....

Posted by Laila Rego on 04/01/2018

1  responses

Hi All Happy New Year to you all. I am planning to write my own training based on different aspects and areas of leadership within the Health and Social Care setting. I wanted to find out the best way of getting that material accredited and which....

Posted by Abbas Abdeali on 03/01/2018

4  responses

Hi Has anyone got some good exercises /ideas on delivering the above/ bullying etc . I have information on the legal side of things but could do with some new ideas - hospitality client ....

Posted by Jo Birznieks on 18/12/2017

1  responses

Hi all, Merry Christmas. Has anyone got any fun 1 hour training activity to introduce SPIN selling to some sales people. thank you in advance. Andrea ....

Posted by Andrea Ross on 18/12/2017

1  responses

A client of ours is wondering how she could go about locating a mentor - her business has changed from being very personalised to corporate and she feels in need of some support. We are based in Botswana. All suggestions are much appreciated. Than....

Posted by Ruth Stewart on 24/11/2017

2  responses

Hello, Im looking to help improve our customer service standards within our hotels, does anyone use anything other than the basic customer service programmes? Thanks Stephen....

Posted by Stephen Arber on 23/11/2017

2  responses

Hi I am looking for recommendations for a facilitator to run some performance management training and support possibly with some additional coaching who is based or can deliver in the south east. Can anyone recommended someone? Thanks....

Posted by Sara Hay-Jahans on 02/11/2017

2  responses

Hi there, Does anyone have a template training matrix I can use please?

Posted by Nikita Snowdon on 02/11/2017

0  responses

Hi - Does anyone have a source reference for a model of approaches to learning which describes Deep/Surface and Strategic Learning ? Many thanks

Posted by Deborah Steel on 24/10/2017

0  responses

Hi all, Can anyone suggest a fun and quick activity to use to familiarise participants with question types (open, closed, probing, etc) - they would have had a prior document sent to them before the day course which is very informative but i'm tigh....

Posted by Andrea Ross on 18/10/2017

4  responses

Hi all, we are looking for a few good examples of L&D and OD models/frameworks. Do you have any websites that you would recommend? ....

Posted by Robert Isaac on 17/10/2017

0  responses

Hi I will be delivering a Management Development Programme for a multisite client over the next six months and am looking for a platform for the delegates to keep in touch, share ideas/concerns and for me to post updates, learning activities etc. No....

Posted by Clare Jackson on 12/10/2017

8  responses

Hello everyone, I've been asked to put in a learning academy for a client here in Singapore and it will mean me designing courses that they will then run themselves. Does anyone have anything on copyright clauses. I understand I'm giving it to them b....

Posted by Andrea Ross on 09/10/2017

3  responses

Hello, I'm currently doing some pre-tender research, looking to see if anyone has any recommendations for a supplier that can provide an employee onboarding programme. Looking for a blended solution not just an online tool. Any recommendation would b....

Posted by Karen McGinlay on 04/10/2017

1  responses

I am running a Managing Stress workshop soon and am looking for ideas of stress busting activities I can do with my group that will create calm yet evoke lots of fun and laughter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Jenny ....

Posted by Jenny Ball on 03/10/2017

2  responses

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has ever delivered a Laughter workshop? I am looking to run one soon in a bid to raise some much needed funds for a friend of mine who needs some urgent cancer treatment abroad but I am not really sure where to start (alt....

Posted by Jenny Ball on 02/10/2017

4  responses

Hi, I have the activity on What Style R U? but I was looking for something a bit more substantial to run with new managers on how to flex their leadership style dependent on the situation and task maturity. The managers are sales people. Any help....

Posted by Andrea Ross on 22/09/2017

4  responses

Hi I'm looking to run a one day workshop with a mixed bag of front line managers on performance management. I've got plenty of stuff around managing underperformance, setting goals, giving feedback etc. and role plays, but was also hoping to give....

Posted by Jane Butler on 20/09/2017

4  responses

Good morning We are looking to re-energise our company induction programme and feel we would benefit from the support of an external consultant with the project - does anyone have any recommendations in this area? Many thanks....

Posted by Karen Davies on 19/09/2017

4  responses

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