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Latest Posts
I am coaching a manager with limited experience who has asked if I can arrange to get open and honest feedback on her management skills from her reports - a team of 6. The group is too small for a full on 360 and annonymity will be difficult. My thou....

Posted by Marilyn Davidson on 20/07/2018

3  responses

Hi guys I am working on an idea for an exercise and would love your help. What I need is loads of adjectives to describe the skills needed to succeed in achieving goals. Ideally they will be positive words (for instance: enthusiastic, analytic....

Posted by Frances Ferguson on 18/07/2018

1  responses

Hi, Looking for recommendations for specialist training in face to face conflict management for lone workers. Ability to deliver across the UK and looking for a provider with awareness of BILD standards. Thanks Alison....

Posted by Alison Bucknall on 18/07/2018

2  responses

I have been tasked with delivering a short (no more than 1/2 a day) workshop on global cultural differences and how to 'behave' when travelling globally. Had anyone come across any ‘off the shelf’ resources that might be useful? We work across the....

Posted by Eleanor Walker on 17/07/2018

1  responses

Hello all, my company has recently set up the in-house training programme. I will be the main trainer and they've recently requested that I do a costing for this. I was initially just going to use my hourly salary for delivery + hours I spend for pre....

Posted by Joyce Low on 17/07/2018

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