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Latest Posts
Hi Trainers Library Gang, I’ve just come across something called Liberating Structures. I’m interested to know if anyone has used these before, how they used them and why. I’m also interested in any resources or companies people can recommend that....

Posted by Becky Booker on 30/11/2022

3  responses

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to share for this scenario. I'll be facilitating a workshop through Teams to a group of around 12 participants who will be in a room face-to-face. I'll have a 'helper' in the room who can issue worksheets ....

Posted by Lindsay Hawkins on 03/11/2022

8  responses

Hi, I wonder if anyone has suggestions/ideas for helping a new employee to settle in. We have an employee currently in probation and his manager would like to support him settle in as his move to the UK from Hong Kong is fairly recent and is fac....

Posted by Davina Coogan on 12/10/2022

0  responses

Hi everyone, I am in need of the collective wisdom of the Trainer's library members once again! I'm looking to run some action learning sets for several groups within the company and wondered whether any of you have any experience of running them? ....

Posted by Becky Booker on 14/09/2022

4  responses

Does anyone have any top tips, guidance on the following? • Managing a remote international team. • Managing staff whose first language is not English, though they can speak English. I see this as a kind of extreme version of those we support in....

Posted by Colin Smith on 05/09/2022

2  responses