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Hello, I am looking for an activity that will demonstrate the different types of leaderships; autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. It is a virtual session and the idea is to have one person lead an activity in one of the above styles then an....

Posted by Charlotte Pownall on 29/11/2023

1  responses

Hello everyone I am working on a project of rolling out a brand new system to many colleagues over a short period. As the training is very much show and tell I'm looking for an exercise or activity to boost the moral in the room ( we have many collea....

Posted by Yvette Painter on 21/11/2023

2  responses

Hi there, I was hoping for recommendations for 360 feedback software that makes getting feedback for participants at the start of the training vs the end easy. This would be feedback on themselves from their peers on their areas of growth so....

Posted by Charlotte Pownall on 20/11/2023

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Hi there, does anyone have suggestions on material for a session on managing controlling managers. I am designing a session for 2 new managers and one of the challenges they face is being able to make decisions or take ownership of their team as thei....

Posted by Charlotte Pownall on 26/10/2023

0  responses

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions, material ideally for an hour's session on Mindfulness, how to navigate and deal with stress and look after your own wellbeing. Thanks in advance....

Posted by Jane Hennequin on 08/10/2023

3  responses