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Glasstap Creative & Discovery Days!

Running my own training business and often spending a lot of time alone writing and trying to create innovative thought provoking content for clients can lead to cabin fever!!

However, help is at hand! I attended Creative Training Essentials with Glasstap in Manchester which served to re-energise the old grey matter with great experiential learning put into practice. I totally immersed myself in the day, met some fabulous trainers from all different companies. We really enjoyed ourselves, learning from Rod and each other in a really fun and interactive day.

The next day I attended the Glasstap Discovery Day, which was hosted by the Seashell Trust and what a totally insightful and highly enjoyable day it was. It is a fantastic opportunity to get together, share information and ideas and meet other really amazing people, which sparks your imagination and thought processes and makes you feel part of a team!Ā 

If you haven't attended either of these events, I would highly recommend that you take the plunge and enjoy!!

October 3 2019Petra O'Hara

Petra O'Hara

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