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The question was posted by Andrea on 15/09/2017 11:11:49

I am running a course in a few weeks on influencing skills (I have the course from the training library) but also want to add some more weight to is as it's geared to Director level. Does anyone have anything to share? I want to teach them the skills to be influential both internally and externally but mainly internally (communication skills, persuasian, inspiration) etc . Thank you so much. Andrea

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One thing I do which works well is to use Cialdini's six influencing techniques and ask them to give examples of how they do, or could use these both internally and externally (i.e. with clients, partners, etc.). I provide them with a brief overview of each technique to help and this generates good discussion. If time is a factor then just give each group 2 or 3 different techniques to avoid repetition in the whole group discussion - takes about 20-30 minutes that way. Hope that helps Nick
Hi Vera Happy to collaborate of course. Andrea and I have had an initial chat. Can you connect with me on
Hi Andrea

What are the outcomes you are hoping to get from the course? Have any shortfalls already been identified that you are looking to address?

One idea could be using some kind of instrument to help people consider their behavioural style and how it can be adapted for others (any kind of 4 quadrant type of thing).

Another would be to look into some of the Trusted Advisor stuff - the Trusted Advisor fieldbook may have some good ideas for exercises and reflections.

Finally, depending on the aims I love the book "To Sell is Human" by Daniel Pink. Maybe get them to think about the different "pitches" from that.

In glasstap,Hotel Doldrums is a great exercise to consider influencing skills. I've done and edited version where hotel teams were looking to influence an investor rather than the Bank Manager. I played the investor, and was available for short interviews. This puts the onus on the groups to focus on me as the client, as well as using the facts and figures in the brief.

Hope that helps.
Hi Andrea and Aidan,

I would like to collaborate with you if possible. I'm looking at redesigning a training on "Customer Connection" and where I would like to touch upon topics like "how do we communicate" and "ho we can communicate in a persuasive way".
Hi Andrea I am developing a course called "Communication and Influence skills" and my audience are usually business people, often technology companies. Maybe we could collaborate ? Aidan McGrath (Acumensis)

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