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Performance Management training

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The question was posted by Jane on 20/09/2017 11:30:37


I'm looking to run a one day workshop with a mixed bag of front line managers on performance management. I've got plenty of stuff around managing underperformance, setting goals, giving feedback etc. and role plays, but was also hoping to give it an extra "wow" factor. Main things I was thinking about were:

1. Good to great. Does anyone have ideas, exercises, book recommendations etc. on how to turn someone from a good performer to a outstanding performer?
2. Does anyone have any general "wow" type exercises that you've used in similar sessions to illustrate points.

Thank you!

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Frances, Andrea, and Rebecca thanks loads for these ideas. I will definitely take a look and dig further.

Frances, I had At a Crossroads on my list, but hadn't thought of looking in the engagement section - I will now!.

Andrea, funnily enough I tend to recommend that book all the time, but hadn't thought of it in terms of performance, I'm definitely going to take a look with new eyes.

Rebecca, I love the idea of the profiling exercise, and looking at the Balanced Scorecard.

Thank you so much everyone - I really appreciate everyone taking time!
Hi Jane, I don't know if this would meet a WOW style exercise, but have you looked at the Balanced Scorecard? It may give you a slightly different twist. I'm also designing some follow on Performance Management training, and I'm getting my delegates to profile their 'problem employees' - their behaviours, beliefs, why they do what they do, their favourite excuses etc, etc and then I'm obviously going to get them to make recommendations on how they turn these people around. The problems will mainly relate back to them as a Managers and one of the people they will profile will be their Superstars! Hope this helps?
Hi Jane, I have a similar course to run but it's more on senior managers but they are within the sales industry. Might be an idea to look at Charles Green Fieldbook of Trusted Advisor it mentions the trust equation model but also fabulous worksheet ideas that you could adopt to start getting them focusing on each element of building trust worthiness within the team and the partners the managers serves. I haven't run it yet but was aiming to get them into teams and start working through how they could increase reliability, credibility and intimacy and reduce their self orientation. It would be a bit wow as it tends to be an under rated leadership competence.

hope that helps. I haven't got any exercises to send yet as i'm still in design mode.
Hi Jane - good question!

I am a huge fan of the work that was undertaken by Gallup that (initially) went into the book First Break All the Rules. The results of their research has informed a number of exercises that I have designed over the years, most especially our complete workshop Employee Engagement - The Managers' Role ( All of the modules will help managers to explore their role in turning a good performer to an outstanding one, but the one I have most fun delivering (and has the "wow" factor) is Building Engagement (

I also find that using combination of the scenarios in the Performance Management & First Time Management versions of At a Crossroads a really useful way to stimulate debate abut the manager's role in getting the best from their team.

I hope that these ideas help you, but please feel free to get in touch if I can assist you further.

All the best.


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