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Laughter workshop

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The question was posted by Jenny on 02/10/2017 13:03:23

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has ever delivered a Laughter workshop? I am looking to run one soon in a bid to raise some much needed funds for a friend of mine who needs some urgent cancer treatment abroad but I am not really sure where to start (although I have lots of ideas). If anyone has any material, thoughts or ideas they would be happy to share I would be so grateful.

Thank you so much,

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Hi all, Good luck Jenny with you efforts, sounds amazing!

Caroline I would love to have a chat with you, and understand a little more about how you are using these skills and incorporating them ...

Hi Jenny - I don't run laughter workshops myself, but have used a couple of different laughter facilitators for different events (such as an icebreaker session at a conference, and a workshop at one of our Trainers Exchange events). People can be very self-conscious so it's essential to have a skilled facilitator. I'm not sure where you're based but I would highly recommend Steph Hiller, who runs a weekly Laughter Club in Wells, Somerset as well as running corporate sessions. Her new website is still being built but you can ring her for a chat on 01749 689114. The other person I'd recommend is Joe Hoare, who is one of the leading laughter facilitators in the UK and runs lots of courses to teach laughter facilitation skills, so this might be more useful to you. See . Joe is Bristol based but works all over the UK. Hope this is useful. Best wishes Nicki
Hi Jenny I trained in laughter yoga last year and now deliver both standalone laughter workshops and also incorporate some of the techniques into my confidence and wellbeing programmes. Laughter yoga is a fantastic way to combine breathing exercises with laughter to boost energy, enhance wellbeing and reduce stress. If you are looking for someone qualified to run a session for you, I can ask around my network to see who is near to you. I'm based in the Midlands if that is any help. I'd also strongly recommend getting trained in it yourself as it's fantastic! Feel free to get in touch if you want more info. Caroline
Have you thought about contacting Neil Mullarkey of the Comedy Store Players? He is an excellent trainer as well as a very funny improviser. or have a look at his website: Not sure if he would share his secrets for nothing but you could always ask - or ask him to deliver something for you. Tim

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