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Stress Busting Fun Activities

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The question was posted by Jenny on 03/10/2017 10:33:34

I am running a Managing Stress workshop soon and am looking for ideas of stress busting activities I can do with my group that will create calm yet evoke lots of fun and laughter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,

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Hi Jenny - we have a simple set of exercises called "De-stress at Your Desk" which takes about 30 minutes or so to go through with learners but leaves everyone feeling really chilled and ready to face the challenges of work in a much calmer state. You'll find a free downloadable handout, plus a link to a video which illustrates how to do the exercises at - just click on "Wellbeing Resources" for the links to the handout and the video. There are lots of other free resources on here too that might be useful to you, such as "5 Ways to have more fun at work and still get things done". Best wishes Nicki
Hi Jenny

We have quite a few exercises around stress in the library you might want to take a look at. Simply pop Stress in the search terms & it will come up with some great ideas for you. A few other ideas that spring to mind are:

Bouncing Back ( this is a really fun way to explore what it takes to be resilient.

An alternative use of the bouncing balls is Five Balls ( - whilst not specifically about stress, I find that it leads to avery interesting debate on how breaking the big goals down into smaller tasks make them seem easier and less stressful.

Speaking Positively ( this is a fun way to encourage people to banish those negative comments that increase stress levels in themselves and others.

When it comes to stress management training, I find that an unexpected element is if we cover what it feels like when we achieve a challenge that we might have thought was too difficult for us to achieve. There are lots of ideas in the library, but you might want to look at Creatively Speaking ( and Inspired Rhymes ( as examples of how you could achieve this.

Finally, this is another slightly different way to consider stress management; the times when our approach makes a simple task more difficult than it needs to be. For this, slightly tweaked version of Goal! ( ) could be a great way to get the discussion going.

Hope that these ideas are a useful source of inspiration, Jenny. Finally, you might want to watch out for next week's Tuesday Insights as it will be covering a topic that will help your learners reduce their stress levels. It will, hopefully, turn into an exercise in the not too distant future, so I am happy to share my ideas for this with you if you would like me to. Just let me know via

Look forward to hearing what other ideas there are to help you, Jenny

All the best


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