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The question was posted by Clare on 12/10/2017 10:32:01

I will be delivering a Management Development Programme for a multisite client over the next six months and am looking for a platform for the delegates to keep in touch, share ideas/concerns and for me to post updates, learning activities etc. Not looking for anything sophisticated (and hoping not expensive or even free). I am tempted to set up a private Facebook page, however a couple of delegates will not use FB. Any suggestions?
Thanks Clare

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Hi Clare - I recommend Google Classroom, which we use for our SpiderWeb Leadership Programme and it's ideal. You can post activities, materials and coursework, and members can share posts, hold discussions etc. Oh and it's free! Best wishes Nicki
Hi Clare, You could set up a linked group where they can share ideas, articles and similar? I don't know if this would be viewed in the same way as Facebook, but it's generally considered a more professional tool.
HI Clare I've heard good things about an App called Slack. Great for team collaboration. cheers Michelle
Thanks guys. Will try out some of your suggestions :)
Google docs?
Depending on the number of people, SLACK is an excellent, free group tool. I use it a lot.
Hi Clare, We use Slack - definitely worth looking at, and it's free. You can set up your group and then have an open discussion thread, and then specific topic groups so that information doesn't get lost. We're in the early days of using it, but seems to be working well so far. Regards, Nicola
Try Moodle; there is a free cloud based version. A little more sophisticated than Facebook.

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