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The question was posted by Andrea on 18/10/2017 03:42:45

Hi all,
Can anyone suggest a fun and quick activity to use to familiarise participants with question types (open, closed, probing, etc) - they would have had a prior document sent to them before the day course which is very informative but i'm tight on time so want to do something that will get them of their feet. I was thinking of content formation - getting them cards to match (but i'm using something similar on another activity during they day).
They are a young bunch so anything fun and silly would be great. Thanks all.

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Thank you so much everyone - i play the animal, vegetable and mineral with my kids all the time. Great idea!
Hi Andrea - I've used "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" for this. The trainees have to use closed questions in the first round to guess what I am (written down before the exercise starts). This is usually unsuccessful so then we do the exercise again, with a different answer, using only open questions. The answer is usually found really quickly, especially if someone is clever enough to ask "what are you?". Allow 10 questions in each round. This really demonstrates how much more information you get if you ask open questions. Elizabeth, All Round HR
Hi Andrea, I have played a couple of games on this topic. One is where you get someone to be a scribe in the team. You have a picture of something from the internet - a view or house is quite a good one. You get them to ask you questions to find out what is in the picture so that the scribe can draw it. Give honest answers but only answer the question you are asked without giving extra information. Of course they start with closed questions so do a round where they can all ask one question.... then get the scribe to draw what they think the picture is from the information they have. Then remind them about the different types of questions..... then for round 2 ask them to only ask open questions. Then draw what they can from the info. Then round 3 they can ask all types of questions but try and get them to focus on drilling questions to get the most information they can. They can then compare the quality of picture they can see after each round which demonstrates how important it is to ask the right questions in the right situation and to use a combination of different questions. Hope this helps !! Jo
Hi Andrea,
Have you had a look at Types of Question & Questions to Probe, Explore and Challenge in Trainers' Library? You'll find them both under Communication in the Course Modules section. I hope this helps :) Zoe

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