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Getting own training material accredited by awarding body

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The question was posted by Abbas on 03/01/2018 16:32:16

Hi All

Happy New Year to you all.
I am planning to write my own training based on different aspects and areas of leadership within the Health and Social Care setting. I wanted to find out the best way of getting that material accredited and which awarding body would be the best to go through?

Has anyone had any experience in this aspect?

In terms of use of any Glasstap resources, how does this affect the accreditation process, if at all?

Many thanks in advance.


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Thank you all for your feedback and advice. I will explore the options and see which works out best for me.

Many thanks for all your time.
Abbas, You would be better off finding an accredited course that already exists, something like ILM and then fit your course to it. To develop an accredited course would cost you an awful lot in time and money. An alternative to this would be to register with an awarding body like ILM and then get your course Endorsed. I have done this quite a lot. Depends on what you are trying to achieve. Regards Ken
Hi Abbas

In the past I have had programmes accredited through EdExcel and delivered them as BTEC programmes.This was relatively straightforward (albeit was a number of years back so process could have changed) I have also worked with training providers who have become ILM accredited providers.The ILM process was a little less straightforward as there are lots of different types of accreditation, but is doable. Both routes cost a reasonable amount money and have various requirements that have to be fulfilled. I did work with a training provider who developed a bespoke ILM accredited leadership programme when I was working in Health & social Care. I am not sure on the rules of naming companies on this forum, I would be happy to highly recommend them if I am allowed to share the companies name

I have also, sadly, been badly burned by this process when using a company who claimed to be associated to a mainstream University. They advised if I provided the training plan, slide deck and resources etc. they could map it to the academic framework and help with assignments and reading lists. Unfortunately that was not the case and the lady I was dealing with simply took my content and disappeared. When I contacted the company about it they know nothing about my application so make sure you exercise caution.

Hope that helps
Hi there I would try the ILM.

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