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The question was posted by Marilyn on 09/02/2021 09:59:17

Hi everyone, I will be facilitating a session between 3 or 4 board members aimed at improving mutual understanding and communication. Does anyone have any experience, tips, exercises etc that might help. Much appreciated. Marilyn

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HI Marilyn,

AS has already been said, a lot depends on where this need arose from. Have you done a session with them on the Social styles? I find this often helps people appreciate their own communications styles more whilst also developing a sense of what works well with other people of a different style. Or MBTI might be good as this goes a bit further than just looking at communication preferences. Alternatively the field of Emotional Intelligence might give you some ideas?
Many thanks for your help, really appreciated.
Hi Marilyn, I guess it depends on what has brought them to you in the first place and whether this session is proactive development, or reactive to some kind of issue or conflict within the Board. There are a number of tools out there that can help facilitate these discussions, but I am happy to have a chat with you first if that helps. Please don't hesitate to contact me and we can set a telecon up. [email protected]
Hi Marilyn, I have asked board members to be prepared to deliver a short 5 minute talk on a topic of their choice ideally a hobby or passion not something work related. They can also bring a prop to support their talk or some slides (not too many though). They deliver their talk and the other members can ask questions about the hobby, interest etc. It is good for breaking down barriers and building trust. It also lets the board members show a little bit of vulnerability as this is not work related it's about them so they need to open up a little and share. This activity has worked well for me as you can keep it light hearted and encourage other members to ask 2/3 questions on the topic. Hope this is useful. Pauline

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